Changes and Disruptions

The Triad: Chapter 2 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Mikul Corp. - Building 2 Floor 2

11:30 A.M the next day

"Dr. Mikul, sir, what brings you to Building 2?"

"I'm changing your directive, Dr. Dontori. You remember Mr. Halete, right?"

"Yes, the one who made a fool of himself at his interview but you insisted we hire him. What about Halete? Did he finally live up to your little 'hunch' about his skill?" Dontori said, sarcastically.

Dr. Mikul became slightly annoyed. "Why yes he did." Mikul replied confidently. Dr. Dontori's face turned to a shocked, confused expression.

"You're serious? What did he do?"

"He found what my father was looking for all along in starting Mikul Corporation. Halete found a video taken from the alternate reality my father apparently traveled to three times. I originally believed he just went back in time, know what, why don't you see for yourself." Mikul walked past Dontori and pulled up the two videos on the nearest computer. Dr. Dontori stared at the screen as the two surveillance captures played.

"We have the one on the left on file...from 1980, right? And the other have that hanging in your office. What the hell is this?" Dr. Dontori was all sorts of confused.

"The video was taken at the exact same time from the exact same place. The picture I have hanging is from my father's first time travel voyage. There's no doubt about it. Another reality exists. And this particular the new research focus of Building 1. Get your team up to speed, study these clips, and most importantly, find out where the alternate one came from."

"Will do, sir." Dontori simply replied. He was still sort of in shock over the whole thing.

"Good day." Mikul said, exiting the floor through the elevator.

Altmanti Household

3:00 P.M.

"Dyllan, could you come here for a minute. I need to speak with you." Mr. Altmanti called for his son.

"Yes, Dad?" Dyllan asked.

"The time has come. You remember how to use your...ability, right?"

Dyllan crackled light energy between his hands. "Sure do."

"Dr. Mikul has received a video from what he calls an 'alternate reality.' In this video, there is a monument called the 'Clemethai Stone', which is opened by a few kids. One of the kids, the one who actually is able to open the way into the Clemethai Stone, apparently glows in order to gain access."

"Clemethai Stone? A glowing kid? Alternate reality? Why are you telling me this?"

"I had a dream the day before you were born about the very same kid. A voice told me you would receive the powers of a great light." Dyllan crackled light energy again. "I believe that you and this kid, and the alternate reality as a whole, are connected somehow."

"So, what do I do?"

"Absolutely nothing. Don't use your ability. Don't talk about it. I'll keep Mikul from looking into our family. You make sure no one knows about you."

"Dad...that's actually what I was going to tell you later..."


"I showed somebody."


"I've been dating a girl for two months without you knowing. We have an amazing trust within each other. So, I confided within her my secret. She's totally cool with it."

"Well, I sure as hell am not!! Why in the world would you do that?!"

Peace Key City - City Hall

8:00 P.M.

"Mayor Mount, a word with you please."

"Anything, Mr. Cerato."

"It has come to my attention that you're allowing the Mikul Corporation their request to research into all residents of the city for their so called 'Project Reality.' Care to comment?"

"I firmly believe that they have the right intentions in unraveling what could be the biggest mystery of our time: an alternate reality to our own."

"What will you tell the people to comfort them should they not believe in this 'alternate reality' project?" "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about."

"You heard it here first: don't be afraid of the Mikul Corporation. This has been Adam Cerato reporting for Channel Three Nightly News."

The cameramen take the equipment back to the news van outside. Adam sticks around to tell the mayor something in private. "If I were you, I'd watch my back. Wouldn't want the Mikul Corporation digging anything up on you, Mount."

"I've already taken care of it. My documented history was printed and sent to a facility far away from here this morning. The files that it was printed from were terminated, and the hard drive smashed. Mikul will have nothing on me."

"That's good news." Adam looked relieved.

"I'm worried about you, though, Adam. Tell me, is your daughter...seeing anyone?"

"Oh no, Allison is not allowed to date, sir."

"Hmm...that's good. We wouldn't want her secret out there..." Mount looked as though he knew more than Adam did.

"No, sir, we would not want that." Adam concluded. He turned and headed through the city hall doors. They closed with a thud behind him.

"Better call Altmanti..." Mount said to himself.

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