One Chance

The Triad: Chapter 15 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Altmanti Household

Peace Key City (present time), 2:00 P.M.

"I got fired today." Vincent said.

"I resigned from my position as mayor." Gerald said.

"The local news wanted me on an investigation of the Mikul Corporation. I said I couldn't do it, and they fired me." Adam said.

"I guess we won't be knowing any more on the Mikuls now, with all our ties cut." Gerald remarked.

"We don't really need them anymore. We know what to do." Adam replied.

"Don't really need...anymore..." Vincent thought. Suddenly, he jumped up. Gerald and Adam looked at their friend in slight confusion.

"That's it! Oh my god, how did I not put this together?"

"What? What?" Adam asked Vincent.

"What you just said reminded me, back in 1980 when Dyllan, Evell, and Allison came to us, I heard Evell say to Allison, 'You don't really need him anymore', and then they left! Something happened between Evell and Allison back then...which splits Dyllan from the Triad, meaning that we cannot prevent the second disaster! It all makes sense!"

"Well, that's less than ideal." Gerald said.

"You're right. But today, a message. We still have one chance left to right this. This bump in the road."

"Took you long enough to put that one together, Vincent." A female voice commented. The three looked around for a woman, but they couldn't find anyone.

Suddenly, she appeared in the room as if she was there the whole time.

"Oh, what, you guys don't remember me?"

"Cllaudia the Invisible. How could I forget?" Vincent said sarcastically.

"It's just Cllaudia now; the Corporation didn't take to that childish name you guys all gave me back then."

"So what, have you followed us all through our lives since then?" Gerald asked.

"No, not really, after Cylath sent me with Samuell to the caverns to monitor the 'future children' and you three, I've been on numerous tasks not concerning your triad of sorts-"

"Wait...Cylath had operatives in the caverns the whole time?" Adam asked.

"Of course, little Adam. Cylath never let anything concerning you three go over unsupervised." Adam looked annoyed that he was referred to as 'little' like in his younger years.

"Anyway," Cllaudia continued, "I don't have much time. If the Corporation finds out I'm here, I'm finished. You say you know that you have one chance to save the world. Whoever told you is correct, you do. The disaster will occur very soon, right here in Peace Key City, at Mikul Park."

"Woah, wait, how do you know any of this?" Vincent asked, shocked by Cllaudia's sudden abundance of urgent information. "I'm invisible. I hear, but am not seen. It's quite handy. Regardless, you three need to get to Mikul Park, now. Before Nathaniel...Nathaniel..."

"Nathaniel what? What does Nathaniel do?"

"Before Nathaniel kills millions."

Diner at 11th Street

2:15 P.M.

"Reporters and news stations gather as famous CEO and renowned doctor Nathaniel Mikul plans to give a surprise announcement right here in Mikul Park. As a reminder, Mikul Park is the famous recreational area created by the late Cylath Mikul during his time as CEO of the Mikul Corporation. It is rumored that Nathaniel Mikul is finally going to officially acknowledge his father's passing with a memorial service during this event. We'll keep you posted as more details arise." The loud TV in the diner broadcasted the Peace Key Local News.

"No...the's really today?" Merevet Dontori picked up the files he was reading and ran out, much to the surprise and confusion of the other clientele of the diner.

"That man left in a hurry..." A waitress said, walking over to his table to clean for the next customer. While she was, she spotted a label that flew out of Dontori's folder.

"What is this..." She wondered aloud.


Mikul Park

2:17 P.M.

"Wh...where am I now?" Dyllan woke up on a bench, shaded by beautiful tall trees. Birds sang in the branches as people walked by, in this large tranquil area surrounded by a contrasting, bustling city. Dyllan looked up into the afternoon sun, then back down.

"Am I back?" He wondered, and quickly asked the next passerby for the time and date.

"It's July 12, about 2:20 in the afternoon. You okay, son?"

"Yeah, fine, just...trying to find my way around, as all."

"Good luck on your journey, young one." The man walked away. Dyllan looked to the other end of the park. A stage and chairs were being set up. Banners hung with the Mikul Corporation insignia on them.

"Doesn't really tell me what the year is..." Dyllan realized. He knew he was in Peace Key City, however, so he started walking away from the park, to his house. He would find answers there.

As he walked, suddenly time stopped. People frozen, cars halted, and things in the air indefinitely suspended.

"What the hell?" Dyllan asked, looking around. "Hello!" He called.

"Hello, Dyllan." A woman wearing the Cobaltic Hedryi stood behind the confused boy.

Dyllan whipped around. "Who are you?"

"Look, I don't expect you to remember me," The woman started, "All you need to know is that my name is Hayley, I can stop time, and you need this." Hayley took off the helmet and placed it on Dyllan's head.

"Aww, you look so good in it!" She commented. "Oh, and your Triad may be split, but if everything goes right, you'll be back and can do what you did all those years ago. It must feel like you just did it! Ha, that's actually a little funny. Oh, right, and you are in the correct year; everything is fine. For now. Hopefully nothing will go wrong. I have to go now."

"W-wait!" Dyllan called, but Hayley was already gone, and time was flowing again. Now with the Cobaltic Hedryi, Dyllan ran back into the park. He needed to see his former friends, and if he came back at the park, then so did they. As Dyllan ran into the park, he ran into a man in his way. Knocked to the ground, Dyllan looked up to see the idiot who didn't move.

The "idiot" looked down at him. "Don't be fooled by Hayley. Things are going to go wrong." The man grabbed Dyllan and dragged him off.

Altmanti Household

2:25 P.M.

As Vincent, Gerald, and Adam rushed to leave the house and head for Mikul Park, a portal opened, sending Evell and Allison into the living room.

"Evell! Allison!" Adam said, rushing to his daughter, Gerald also rushing to his son.

"Where's Dyllan?" Vincent asked.

Evell looked at the worried father. "After he found us, he left." Vincent became angry.

"That's because something happened and Allison said she didn't need him anymore!"

"How do you know that?" Allison asked.

"Because I was there, remember?" Vincent replied. "We have to head for Mikul Park for a reason. You guys returned here for a reason. Hopefully, Dyllan is at the park. Let's go. Now!"

The five left the house, got into Vincent's car, and rushed down the streets to Mikul Park.

Mikul Park

2:27 P.M.

"Kallvan, here is fine." Nathaniel instructed Chauffeur Kallvan to park the limo next to the entrance to Mikul Park. Nathaniel emerged from the limo to cheers of citizens awaiting his announcement.

"Thank you, thank you, it's a great day!" Nathaniel said to his adoring crowd. He slowly walked through the park to the stage, greeting those lucky enough to be chosen by him.

The crowd quieted down after Nathaniel reached the podium.

"Today, I have some wonderful news. What better way to share it with the world than on the day when, in 1980, my father announced his new plan for the Mikul Corporation, which turned this poor town into a thriving city!" The crowd cheered.

Outside Mikul Park

2:28 P.M.

"Let me go!!" Dyllan yelled at his captor restraining him against the west wall of the park.

"Can't. Orders are orders." The man finished applying the restraints just as Vincent's car pulled up, screeching from a sudden turn; they must've just caught a glance and spotted Dyllan.

Vincent got out, followed by the other four passengers. "O'Kross! Let my son go!!" He shot a blast of light at Wellam O'Kross, knocking him back away from Dyllan.

Adam and Gerald rushed to Dyllan to free him.

"Mikul-class wrist and ankle wall restraints. Only released with a two-digit code." Gerald observed. Vincent, knowing the code, moved Gerald aside.

"I got it." Vincent punched in the same code to all four restraints: 11. Dyllan dropped to the ground, freed.

" have the helmet, Dyllan! That must've been my one chance, quick, everyone, hold each others' hand!"

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