The Triad: Chapter 14 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Rukalor Shrine

July 12, 1980 - 7:45 P.M.

"There it is, my new friends." Vincent gestured toward the statue of the god, Rukalor. It was surrounded by sparkling fountains and cleverly-placed reflective slabs of rock that created a lit up effect around the gigantic central cave, even in the dark of the night.

Atop the statue's head lay the Cobaltic Hedryi, a surprisingly industrial-looking metal helmet with streaks of blue running over it, creating a unique design.

"So, you said you needed more people to get the helmet thing, but how do you even attempt getting it in the first place?" Allison asked. The statue had nothing near it to aid in ascending its figure.

"Well, you start with this..." Vincent shot a bolt of light at a reflective rock slab adorning the wall. The light ricocheted off it and the other slabs as it made its way around the cave, finally hitting the statue's back with enough force to enact the mechanism within.

"The statue was built with us in mind." Adam started. "See, the ancient peoples had it in their legends that far into the future, people like us with light-based powers would come to take the helmet. Only, the legend calls for six noble heroes, deeply connected to each other. I don't know about that last part, since we've only just met you three, but we finally have enough to complete the legend."

Pedestals rose up around the statue, the tallest ending way below a reasonable point to take the Cobaltic Hedryi. The six climbed the ancient "stairs" to that tallest pedestal.

"All the ancients' craft looks especially cool from way up." Gerald remarked.

"Everyone, lift Vincent all the way to the helmet. According to the legend, the six make their own pedestal!" Adam stood at the bottom, and the other five stacked on top of him. Vincent charged the latch keeping the helmet on the statue with light, but nothing happened. He tried manually ripping the helmet from the statue, but it was no use.

"Does anyone else has a power like mine?" Vincent asked.

"I do, Da-uh, Vincent..." Dyllan answered his father-to-be. The pedestal broke down and rebuilt, this time with Dyllan at the top.

Dyllan charged the latch, but he got nothing as well.

Rukalor Caverns Entrance

"I'm going in." O'Kross communicated with Cylath, who was still controlling his judgement, over long-range, cell phone-type devices. Pretty high-tech for 1980, developed right out of Leading Laboratories for employee use.

"Good. Head to the central area. The six are taking the Cobaltic Hedryi from the statue. If they use it...we're finished for a long time."

O'Kross continued on, through the cavernous tunnels.

Rukalor Shrine

"Nothing!" Dyllan said in frustration. The other five were disappointed.

Suddenly, Allison had an idea. Right below Dyllan, she reached for his other hand.

"I'll supercharge your power." She said.

"Good idea." He agreed. Taking his girlfriend's hand, he felt the charge within him, and blasted the latch right off of the statue. Sparks flew and the Cobalt Helmet fell down, into a carved out pool of groundwater made specifically for that moment by the ancients.

"We got it!" "Yes!" "Finally!" The six rejoiced, and Dyllan, as the one who freed the helmet, went to retrieve it.

"Let's hope you were worth it..." He said to himself, reaching down to pick it up. However, he was quickly grabbed from behind and pulled away.

"Let's hope you're worth it!" Wellam O'Kross began dragging Dyllan away, but he didn't get far, a bolt of light from Vincent shaking him up. Dyllan ran to his friends, making sure to grab the helmet on the way.

"So, it's a fight you propose before your death? An unwise choice, indeed!" Wellam O'Kross began to glow. Immediately, the six began to feel the life being drained from them.

"Ah god...what is he doing...?" Vincent muttered, struggling to stand. Dyllan, in what might be his last conscious moments, looked in the helmet he worked hard to get.

Inside, there was nothing but a crudely engraved image of six people holding hands and giving off light, indicated by lines eminating from the stick figure people.

"Guys! Quickly, take each others hands, while you can! Form a circle!" He donned the helmet and grabbed hold of Allison's hand to his left, and Evell's to his right. Even though they were about to all slip into unconsciousness, they managed to form the circle. The Cobaltic Hedryi's blue design glowed, as did the six.

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash. Originating from the six, it spread outward like a shockwave, flying out of the caverns, blanketing the nearby city, and eventually, the world.

3 Hours Later...

Dyllan awoke. In what he last remembered, he formed the circle described in the helmet, and then, nothing. Was he dead? All of his friends were gone, and so was the man who tried to kill them, and himself. He was still in the central cave.

"Hello!! Anyone?!" He yelled, and the sound echoed off of the walls.

"Hey! Over here!" Vincent called to him from a nearby tunnel. Dyllan ran to him.

"What happened? Where is everyone?!"

"Calm down, calm down. We were all scattered throughout the caverns. Gerald found me. We found Adam. Now I found you...but, your two other friends, we haven't found them yet." Vincent hung his head in shame.

"No, it's not your fault. It must be my destiny to find them." Dyllan ran to another tunnel, calling his friends' names.

"Evell!" "Allison!!"

Vincent walked back to the cavern space where he, Gerald, and Adam had set up a small "camp".

"He'll find them. I know it."

Cavernous Tunnels

Dyllan ran through the tunnels, unaware of where he was actually headed, recklessly searching for Evell and Allison. He lit the way with blasts of light, and could see that the caverns followed a sort of pattern...paths would lead into other paths, and they were marked in a specific order.

"Interesting...the ancients were constructing more than a random labryinth..." Dyllan said to himself. Suddenly, images flashed in his mind involuntarily, like they were being thrown at him. Not coincedentally, his head started to hurt with each image.

"Ah god, stop!" Dyllan stopped moving and held his head as several images flashed repeatedly in his mind. Over and over again, images of Evell and Allison...Evell and Allison...together...together near a Triad Icon symbol...

Dyllan knew how to find them now. Following the symbols in the tunnels, he located the specific one and followed its connected pathway all the way to a large dead-end cavern. Slowly, he approached its entrance, hearing Evell and Allison. Dyllan did not see, but as he entered the cavern and lit it up with a light blast, another shadow was behind his on the wall...

"Evell?! Allison?! What the-" Dyllan focused a beam of light for continuous illumination, and saw Evell and Allison lying together, both of them with shocked expressions on their faces.

"Dyllan, this isn't what it looks like, we were just, just..." Evell trailed off.

"We weren't doing anything..." Allison added.

"I know what I see. I don't want to see it anymore." Dyllan ceased the beam of light, returning the room to its perpetual darkness, and ran off. Evell and Allison followed, but they could not catch up to him.

Leading Laboratories

11:15 P.M.

"You did what I asked you?"

"Yes, Master Cylath, sir. I gave the future boy visions and led him to his two friends."

"Very satisfactory, Samuell. You'll make a great addition to The Corporation one day. Shame I can't say the same for O'Kross, and he's quite older than you...extraordinary. Okay, you did your task, return to the Labs."

"Sir? Can I ask you something?"

"What would that be, my boy?"

"Why would you want to show the boy his girlfriend and his friend like that?"

"They needed to be split up. You'll understand when you're older and the future they come from is the present. Now, return to me. I have a new task for you already."

Outside the Arizona Town

Dyllan ran, ran as fast as he could. He ran away from the Rukalor Caverns, jumped over the border fence, and sat down, leaning on said fence, his face buried in his arms. Thunder boomed over him, and he could hear lightning crackling, but little rain fell in the dry air.

"Take me back! Return me to the future!! My future!!" Dyllan screamed at the tumultuous sky. Soon afterwards, he spotted a man in a white lab coat heading toward him. Dyllan sprang up, ready to unfairly take out his anger on this unlucky bastard.

"Go away!!" He yelled at the laboratory man. But, the man kept drawing closer.

"Calm down, Dyllan. I know what you are doing, what is happening. I can return you to the future..." The man tried to comfort Dyllan, but it didn't work.

"Yeah, I bet you could! Stop trying to understand me, who even are you?!"

"I'm Cylath Mikul. You don't recognize me? I knew your mother and father very, very well. I was always around when you were little. Your father got his job because of me. And then, well...I had to die. It's funny to be talking of this in the past tense, when in this time it hasn't even happened yet!" Cylath cracked a smile.

"Ha ha." Dyllan replied coldly.

"...Anyway," Cylath extended his hand towards Dyllan. "Take my hand, return to where you need to be." Dyllan reluctantly took Cylath's hand. A white flash blinded Dyllan, as Cylath's power began to work.

Rukalor Caverns

5 minutes before Dyllan left 1980

"Maybe we should just go." Evell suggested as he and Allison were searching for Dyllan.

"What?! You're his only back to our time! You want to leave him here?" Allison was confused.

"Obviously he doesn't need us, running off like that. Let's just go."

"We can't!"

"You said it yourself back there. You don't really need him anymore."

Evell grabbed Allison's hand. And in an instant, they were back in their own time.

In a nearby tunnel, Vincent heard Evell's last remark.

"What happened between those three..." Vincent wondered

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