Event Rising

The Triad: Chapter 13 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Rukalor Caverns

July 12, 1980 - 6:00 P.M.

"We used to explore these caverns all the time before the labs found us. Please, come in, guys! We know all the resources around; we'll get a fire going and sleep through the night here." Vincent invited Dyllan, Allison, and Evell inside the Rukalor Caverns, a labryinthian tunnel system through the ground, carved by ancient people who lived in the area.

6:45 P.M.

"Or so the legend goes..." Adam began telling the origin story of the caverns. "It's said that the god worshipped by the ancient peoples, Rukalor, instructed the chief through visions to construct a tunnel system to connect his peoples' lands together. Once he got the word around, all of the tribes began to dig out the caverns. Underground, through mountains, the sands of desert, nothing could stop them.

When they were all done, the center became known as the 'Rukaloris Korolat', or 'Rukalor Shrine Place.' They built a shrine to Rukalor there, and at the top, they emblazoned the head of the statue of their god with the 'Cobaltic Hedryi', or 'Cobalt Helmet.' We've been trying to get that helmet for years, but we needed more than the three of us, and ever since the labs took us away, we couldn't even try."

"And you us to help you." Evell inferred. Adam nodded his head.

"It would mean a lot to us, if you did."

"What better do we have to do? Sure!" Dyllan agreed, along with Allison and Evell. The six headed into Rukalor Caverns.

Cliffs near Rukalor Caverns

"Cylath, I found them."

"Good, O' them. Without them the future proceeds with no interruption to The Void. That is critical."

"Kill...children? You ask of me, such a cruel act? Is there another way?"

"If you won't do it, I'll make you."

Wellam O'Kross involuntarily stood from his lookout place in the cliffs above the caverns. His eyes appeared to be rolled back; only white showed.

He uttered only one phrase, "Kill the six. Cleanse the world."

Mikul Corp. Building 0

Peace Key City (present time), 12:00 P.M.

"You are no longer permitted access on or to any Mikul properties, Mr. Altmanti. Please leave." Merevet Dontori stood in front of the Building 0 doors, with two guards at his right and left. They all faced Vincent.

"But...I left things inside! Pictures at my desk, files I need access to, for filling this job on my resume, at least! I don't get a proper time to clean out my workspace?"

"As far as the company is concerned, you never worked here, and those things are ours. Good day."

Vincent was furious. As Dontori turned to head back inside, Vincent acted without thinking and shot a bolt of light energy at him. Dontori flew through the doors of Building 0, flying through various things and knocking over co-workers, finally ending up against a wall.

Everyone now was looking towards the front doors. But Vicent had already taken off, the guards quickly trailing him.

After a block or two, the guards suddenly stopped. In fact...everything stopped. People stopped moving, clocks stopped ticking. Time was stalled.

"No can't be..." Vincent said, a smile growing on him.

A woman ran from the other side of the street to him. They hugged each other and embraced.

"Hayley...I thought"

"I know, those damn Mikul guys made you think I was dead. I saw it all. And everything great that's ever happened to you since then. With this!" Hayley pointed to what she was wearing on her head.

"The Cobaltic Hedryi..." Vincent said.

"Yeah! I found it after what happened between us. With it, I supercharged my power. I can stop time and travel between the past and...the future." Her face grew more serious.

"Vinny, dark days are coming." She started. "I know our son and the two others of The Triad are in the past right now, discovering the key to stopping the Mikul disasters...but there's something that happened back then that you don't know about...and it's going to ruin everything when they return."

"Well, w-what is it?"

"...I can't tell you everything. There's going to be one chance for you to remedy this soon, before it really all goes to shit, so I don't want you to know enough to interfere beforehand. That might ruin any chance. Let's just say...The Triad will be split up. One of the three will not cooperate and the key will not be complete. The second disaster will succeed. Unless you stop it, at the right time."

Things began to move slowly.

"I have to let my power rest. We'll find each other again." Hayley closed her eyes and Vincent could only watch as the love of his life slipped away from him again, telelporting to another point in time. Time returned to normal, and it was as if nothing happened.

Except, the guards were gone.

"Ah, me out of a tough one there." Vincent said to himself.

"I hope I can do the same for the world."

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