Generational Gap

The Triad: Chapter 12 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Peace Key City

7:00 A.M. the next day, Peace Key Airport

"Thank you for flying with American Airlines." A recording of a woman's voice spoke as Vincent, Adam, and Gerald exited their plane and proceeded into the airport, back in Peace Key City.

"Alright, so we brought the kids together and now they will uncover the truth. But, why?" Adam asked.

"You don't remember what we were told, all those years ago? They have to know how to stop the disasters created by the Mikul Corporation. Sending them back to meet us allows the first disaster to be averted. Then, they will return and we will all stop the foretold disaster that is yet to come." Vincent answered.

"Alright, since you seem to remember everything that we were let in on, Vincent, why don't you tell us what the next disaster is?" Gerald asked in a jokingly sarcastic tone.

"...I don't know." Vincent answered, heightening the irony. "I don't believe we ever got to know what it is, but I do know that we can stop it with what the kids will discover."

"Whatever you say, man. How'd you end up being sort of the leading figure of us, anyhow?" Adam asked jokingly.

"I'm the only one who can remember a damn thing!" Vincent answered, laughing. The three friends exited the airport and went back to their respective homes. Their lives were at peace once again.

For now...

Ludgrove Livings

12:45 A.M. (about 6 hours earlier)

"Thank you, Chaffeur Kallvan. You can return to Building 0 now. From what I expect, this visit will be a lengthy one."

Nathaniel Mikul stepped out of his signature black limo, closing the door behind him. It drove off into the night, down the long road leading to the community of the grandest Peace Key City estates, Ludgrove Livings.

The security immediately recognized him, but even so, he still had to provide ID and the community code: 71280-11. The gates of the community opened, and Nathaniel was ushered inside, straight to his father's old estate, where his mother still lived out her years.

Nathaniel tapped on the door and rang the doorbell. A woman's voice came over the intercom. It was his mother, as he expected.

"Hello? Who's here at this hour?"

"It's me, Ma."

"Oh, Nathaniel...I have been expecting you." She answered, quite motherly, but with a sense of fear.

The doors opened and Nathaniel walked inside, closing the doors behind him.

Back Alleys of Peace Key City

12:50 A.M.

A tall, muscular man wearing a dark outfit with a sweeping coat walked over to a battered, beaten man laying on the cold concrete of the back alley. The man grabbed the beaten one by the neck, hoisted him in the air, and then glowed. As the glow sustained, the beaten man grew paler and his eyes began to...melt. After a few minutes, the man was a gray husk, and the man with the glow threw him further back into the alley behind him.

The man began to speak to himself, "Venull, my brother, I have claimed another in your name...why are you doing this to me? Why do you haunt me in death?! I cannot control myself anymore! What have I done to deserve this?!?" The man broke down and cried next to the husk of the poor man, as it began to thunder and rain in the night.

Mikul Estate, Ludgrove Livings

12:50 A.M.

"You were wise enough to pick up the message in the smoke, why don't you answer that one yourself?" Kaitlyn Mikul, Nathaniel's mother, answered her son's repeated question.

"Is my father alive or is he not?!"

"Enough! Don't put your old mother in a heat like you did as a child! She's far too old for that nowadays. Welcome home, my son." Cylath slowly stepped into the large family room his son and wife were going back and forth in.

"...Dad?" Nathaniel turned to face Cylath, in utter shock. Cylath extended his arms.

"It is I. Come, give your old man a hug, you've not seen him in forever."

Nathaniel regained composure, and now, with a look of anger, he stood where he was.

Cylath put down his arms. "I see. Come, we have much to talk about. Visit me in your favorite spot outside." And with that, Cylath teleported out of the room.

Kaitlyn picked up her knitting materials as Nathaniel slowly walked out to the backyard. What would be the use of trying to go back to sleep?

Overlooking Peace Key City - Mikul Estate Backyard

12:55 A.M.

The many lights of the city shone in a majestic glow, and at the outward ends of the Mikul Estate backyard, you could see them all. All the buildings, and the land and ocean beyond. Simply beautiful at night and day.

Cylath sat on the ornate bench nearest the view. Nathaniel joined him.

"You remember this, don't you? Every night we'd look out here together, admiring the great city that our family had monopolized for centuries." Cylath began.

"That was before I was carted away to the labs for the rest of my childhood, a decision made by your hand."

"Yes...about appears the second disaster is closer than I once thought…you remember about the disaster, right?” “Tell me this before we move on, father, how are you still alive? Why fake your death? Do you know what you put me through, and what you put Mom through?!”

“Firstly, Mom knew about all of this, she only acted her part, and secondly, I had to be out of the picture for you to be in charge of the company. I’ve seen the past and future of both the realities that involve our family’s handiwork. How we are now is just as it should be.”

"Then, why is there a disaster in the first place?!"

"You hold a special power, to move the Earth, like I have a power, predominantly to control anyone parallel-tagged, but also several others, and like so many others have, to do whatever they do. However, you also have something else, something very important. Like Atlar before me, and me before you, the Mikul line of specials has always contained the potential to upgrade their power through time. At one point I was not able to do half of what I can do, but look at me now. I contain multiple powers, like I mentioned. And you have this same potential. That is what will begin the second disaster. You. You are going to find that in battle with the Triad and their fathers, you will not succeed. More than that, Adam Cerato is going to take your power away. But a Mikul can never lose his or her power. You get another one instantly. But it's unstable. It wipes out the entire world as soon as you acquire it. Kills 9 out of 10 people, excluding others with powers. And so begins the new world order. People with light powers ruling over the unlucky ordinary who were originally lucky to be alive. And you stand as the world's king. You and Vincent Altmanti's son, for reasons I do not know.

It would seem like I'd be the first to want that. But I despise the idea. That future that I've seen is horrible, even on my standards. So now, I have a choice. To save the entire world, or let you go on and ruin it."

Cylath gets up, and pulls a slim, sharpened knife from his pocket. Nathaniel simply watches from his seat.

Cylath moves closer to his son. "I failed to cure you of this ailment when I took you to my lab in Arizona. You evaded me there, but you will not evade me here. This is for the good of the world. And, after this, I can finally die in peace and meet you in the afterlife, your mom following soon after. The company will fall, and the Mikuls will cease to exist. If the people learn from our history, this mess will never happen again."

Before Cylath is able to kill his own son, he is pushed back by a split in the ground, all the way back against the back of the mansion. Nathaniel gets up from his seat.

"You brought me here to kill me?! To think I thought you were dead, and within minutes of you somehow being alive, you make the move to kill me?! There's nothing wrong with me; I don't believe a word you say!! You just want me gone! You've always wanted me gone, and preferred Atllar, because you could control him with your 'upgrade', well guess what?! You've only got me now, and I'm not going anywhere!!"

The ground shakes with Nathaniel's yelling. Cylath stares at his furious son, still ready to strike at any moment.

"You know what? You want to die peacefully, then die, for real! You're not a true Mikul, for you are trying to ruin grandfather's wish! Yeah, he told me a long time ago, entrusted in me that I would fulfill it, and you just described the world he wanted! You're always trying to corrupt everything!! I share the true Mikul vision, and I want to be the second disaster!!! You will not ruin that for me!!!"

A sinkhole opened under the Mikul estate. The entirety of the mansion fell in, along with Cylath, as Nathaniel stood at the edge, his eyes glowing white, as he strained his deadly power. After a minute or so, Nathaniel closed the ground up, rendering the estate lot flat and featureless.

He buried his own family. All the neighboring residents rushed to see what was going on outside. As quickly as they gathered, they all fell, dead. Gray and without eyes. A man wearing a dark outfit and a sweeping black coat walked out from the surrounding trees.

"You called me, Master Mikul." He said, kneeling before Nathaniel.

"Yes, Wellam O'Kross, so I did. You will be my new partner. We must find the Triad and their fathers. Engage in battle, and enact the next stage of the world. Your brother Venull would have wanted this. It's why he made you uncontrollable so suddenly these past few days..."

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