The Triad: Chapter 11 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Peace Key City

July 12, 1980

"Cylath, you gave Roy the proper funding and resources for the 'second world' project's final phase?"

"Indeed, Uri. Soon we will have our world to call our own. Your son will succeed. I'll make sure of that."

"And what of the laboratory children?"

"They're progressing marvelously. I've actually had my eye on a particular group of them...these three have formed such a special friendship. I think they're plotting to run away from the facility."

"They trust in each other that much to risk their lives like that?"

"It appears so. Vincent, Gerald, Adam, they've got quite a thing going."

"What are you going to do?"

"Split their little triad up, of course. I'm planning to send Vincent to school next month. I had my good friend Kaito hack him in as the seventy-fourth kid ever in their system."

"What? Why not just enroll him normally through one of our setup families?"

"The name catches on. Seventy Four, yeah, I've seen it all in the future. Because he's the seventy-fourth kid, somehow that becomes his nickname. When events including him awakening the Light God occur, said god merges himself with Vincent and sends him into the future, where his nickname becomes Sixty Four for a completely different reason. Ever since then, the 'Four' name becomes synonymous with the chief Light Persona. In order for the future to be correct, this has to happen."

"But, does this future bring about success for us and the second world? If not, why go through the trouble of making sure that's the future that occurs?"

"You're just going to have to trust me. I believe success comes from this future."

"What about the other kids?"

"Adam will be entered into school as well. Gerald will be put into our wealthiest setup family and sent to a private school."

"What about 'Seventy'? Does he get a family?"

"Not quite...I have something more elaborate in mind for him..."

Leading Laboratories

5:30 P.M., July 12, 1980

Dyllan, Allison, and Evell arrive outside Leading Laboratories in the summer of 1980. Evell quickly assured his two new friends that they have arrived here for a reason, as his power is uncontrollable in the case of destination, but never random.

"So, what is the reason?" Dyllan asked Evell. About to answer, Evell suddenly hid behind some nearby trees and signaled for Dyllan and Allison to do the same. An expensive-looking black car drove up the street and parked outside the laboratory complex. Cylath and his partner, Uri, emerged from the vehicle and headed inside.

"Was that Cylath Mikul?" Dyllan wondered aloud. He recognized Cylath from pictures on documents that Vincent would print for work.

"Yeah," Evell replied. "And he's with a man named Uri Halete."

"Why are they here?" Allison asked.

"Leading Laboratories is a secret Mikul Corporation complex. In my time I spent about a month ahead of this time, where I got the video, I was able to gather some info on this place. Apparently, they studied kids with abilities like us, and even found a way to give people powers dealing with light energy."

The doors of Leading Laboratories swing open and smash when they hit their respective walls. Three teens, each about 13 or 14, run out, trying to escape lab guards and even the pair of Cylath and Uri.

"I think we have to follow them. Let's go!" Evell said, running parallel to the chase, though he could not see this for himself due to the buildings in between the two streets. Dyllan and Allison followed suit.

The three teenagers reached the old border fences of the town. They quickly scaled them and were suddenly in the unclaimed dry plains of Arizona. Shortly after, Dyllan, Allison, and Evell were right along with them.

However, Cylath, Uri, and the guards did not follow any more.

West Border Fence

"Let's go! Guards, up the fence, now!" Uri yelled at the seemingly incompetent guards. However, they only took orders from Cylath, and he gave no such instruction.

"Let them go, Uri," Cylath began. "Have you no faith that we will see or hear of them again? They are stupid kids, and with their powers they will most definitely be back in our sight."

"But what if they do damage to us before then?!"

"What can they do? Who will believe my company is conducting studies on children and giving them special abilities, this info coming hot of the mouths of three homeless teenagers? Uri, you put too much worry in this. They can't do a thing. Guards, escort us back. We have more pressing matters."

Outside the Arizona Town

"Hey! You three!" Evell called to the three teenagers who just escaped Leading Laboratories. One of them looked at Evell, and then quickly back to his other two comrades. They appeared to be discussing.

"Who are you? Why did you follow us? Are you from the facility too?" One of the teens answered back.

"No, but we do have powers, like you. My power brought us here. We belong in the future! But we were brought here for a reason. It must've been to find you guys!"

One of the teens walks over to Dyllan, Allison, and Evell.

"Show me then. One of you, show me what you can do."

Dyllan got into a stance and then blasted a stream of bright, burning light into the air from his hands. "That proof enough?" he followed.

All three of the teens were very surprised. The one who challenged Dyllan got into a stance, and did the same thing.

Now it was Dyllan, Allison, and Evell who were surprised. The one teen shook Evell's hand.

"My name is Vincent Altmanti. These are my friends, Adam Cerato and Gerald Mount. We escaped the labs before they could split us up. We're powerful in each others' company. And you three, I can sense you are the same way."

Outside Mikul Corp. Building 0

12:15 A.M. (In the Present)

Nathaniel and Merevet returned from their Las Vegas trip. They showed their IDs to the guards and walked inside. A frantic Allan George greeted them.

" Mikul, come with me! Hurry, you too if you want, Dontori!" Allan rushed them down a hallway into a computer lab on the first floor. He pulled up a window on the screen.

"Just before you guys landed in Peace Key City, I received a message, sent telepathically, well it was more like a trigger; it activated my power involuntarily. Suddenly I began to feel as though I had located Cylath Mikul somewhere in Arizona, yes, old Master Mikul himself. So I went online to see if he left any record of his reappearance, and look at this!" Allan pointed to the article on the screen. "At 11 L.L. Way, onlookers observing the Leading Laboratories debris reported seeing a flash of light, then suddenly it was all gone. Security camera footage from a nearby building captured a lone man in a black coat walking into the debris site right before the flash occured."

" father...isn't dead? You're sure that its him?!" Nathaniel asked.

"Who else is recorded able to trigger anyone's power and manipulate the energy of objects to become whatever that person wants?"

"I...I can't..." Nathaniel had little words.

"Wait...what's this?" Allan asked, looking closely at the image of the flash.

"What?" Dontori asked.

"There's a message faintly present in the flash. Mikul, I think it's for you. Look at the darker letters."



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