The Triad

The Triad: Chapter 10 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

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"My future is unfolding right before my eyes, there no more hope in trying to stop it? All these years and still, the variables have aligned to form the same damn lead-up to catastrophe..."

"Nathaniel...he will still...?"

"Yes, yes, it's gonna happen as I saw it. Unless we use what little time we have and take extremely drastic measures...ones I'm not just willing to take."

"But...The Triad, they are to stop what you saw...right?"

"That is their true destiny...unfortunately the future that is about to unfold is not that. Something went wrong, like it did when I first saw this future, I don't know what, but now The Triad will never fulfill their goal. They will ruin everything."

"You said there was something we could do?"

"Kaitlyn, as I said, that would require a tragedy I would not be able to handle...if someone besides you or I could do what must be done, things would be different...but nobody can do what we can do. And a hard choice must be made."

Driving in Arizona

4:00 P.M.

"Who is this acquaintance, Gerald?" Vincent asked, sitting in the passenger seat as Gerald was driving. Adam sat in the back with Dyllan and Allison.

"His name is Atllar. He has a connection to the Mikul Corporation which I can't tell you about, but the point is, he has a very dangerous power...he can move anything he wants with his ability. He's a real telekinetic."

"Atllar...isn't that the name of the corporation founder?" Vincent replied in question.

"No, this one carries the 'll' tag. It's a good differentiator, but of course, he deserved the tag all the same as everyone else who has it."

"What is the 'll' tag?" Dyllan asked. There was a silence in the car. Then, Vincent answered.

"You're going to find out soon enough..."

They all traveled through Arizona, down to a place named ******* Laboratories. At least, that's what the sign looked like; an entire part of the name had eroded away. The rental car screeched as it slid into the parking lot, slowing from a speed of over 100 mph. Everyone got out. The building looked old and abandoned. Plant life grew up all around it.

"How did you know Atllar was going to be here?" Allison asked Gerald.

"This place holds a lot more that what it appears Atllar, it was basically his home."

Gerald, Vincent, and Adam busted down the old doors, which fell to the ground upon impact. Inside, Evell and Anna were tied to posts that held up the ceiling of the first floor. Atllar emerged from a door on the left wall.

"Hello, everyone. I was just reminiscing over a life I once had...I'm sure Jerry filled y'all in on that, didn't you, my friend?"

"I gave them enough." Gerald answered.

"Then they know about...this!" Atllar raised his arms and two big crates in opposite corners of the main lobby which they were in floated upwards. Atllar then threw his arms in opposite directions of each other, crossing them. The two crates flew at each other and smashed behind a grinning Atllar.

"Now, who wants to see the greatest show on Earth? You? You?" Atllar pointed to Dyllan and then Allison. "Every kid loves a good show. And I rarely get to do one now with actual people...back when this place was runnin' full steam, I had great fun puttin' on grand shows for the others that lived here..."

Atllar looked at Evell, and then Anna. Both of them were pale with terror and looking at their five saviors, wondering when they would stop the psychopathic telekinetic.

"This boy here..." Atllar walked up to Evell. "He's a fine reality opener, right? That's what I'm getting from that extraordinary glow you can feel coming from him. I'm guessing he's primarily why you've come all this way..." Atllar touched Evell's arm, and felt the light energy coming from him. Evell could do nothing, bound motionless to the post.

"Don't touch my son!" Gerald picked up a crowbar-looking piece of metal lying around and ran at Atllar. Right before he landed a blow, Gerald was lifted and tossed across the room by Atllar's telekinesis.

"It's a fight y'all want then, is it? Something a little more interactive than your basic show? So be it then!" Suddenly, the large splinters of wood that laid as rubble from the collision of the crates rose into the air, and shot at the remaining four heroes. They all dove out of the way.

"Gyaaaah!" Vincent yelled as bright blue electricity blasted from his hand, directed at Atllar. With a direct hit, the telekinetic flew back into the wall, crackling with electricity. He got up as if it didn't affect him at all.

"Always as strong as ever, Vincent." Atllar lifted Vincent into the air, and threw him threw a large window, out onto the dusty sands of the parking lot.

"That's it!" Dyllan exclaimed, directing bursts of light energy at Atllar, who dodged all of them.

"Ooh, you missed. So sad, I thought you'd be a little more like your father." Atllar surprisingly ran past Dyllan and Allison and instead confronted Adam.

"I always liked you especially, Adam. With one touch you could rid anyone of their special ability-" Atllar was stopped by Adam, who grabbed hold of both of his arms.

"Then you'll appreciate this!" Adam started to visibly glow and Atllar screamed in pain.

"Y-you don't k-know w-what you've g-g-gotten yourself int-t-to!" Atllar's body was surrounded by a dark purple aura, and soon Adam was the one in pain.

"Stop!!" Dyllan blasted Atllar with more light energy, but the aura deflected it. Adam's eyes turned into the same dark purple, and his skin grew pale. Allison rushed to his side.

"You can do this!" She supercharged him, and the building started to shake. Pieces began to crumble around the scene. The posts broke and Evell and Anna were set free. Evell lifted Gerald onto his back and the three ran outside as quick as they could, leaving Dyllan and Allison with Adam and Atllar.

"So...a charger...that's what your daughter is...? Lucky you..." Atllar struggled to overload Adam's light with darkness, and was quickly bested back into screaming with pain. After another minute, Atllar slumped to the ground, his dark purple aura gone. Adam checked his pulse.

Allison didn't just supercharge her dad's power. She upgraded it.

Atllar was dead.

Half of the ceiling fell to the floor with a loud boom and a huge dust cloud.

"We have to get out of here!!" Dyllan yelled through the dust. The three managed to make it outside just before the front end of the building fell.

The old laboratory was nothing more than a pile of dust and brick that buried Atllar.

"Is everyone alright?!" Adam yelled.

"Yeah," Evell started. "Dad and Vincent are coming to."

"Let Anna handle that. You've got more pressing matters, Evell."


"Dyllan, Allison, hold hands and let Evell take the ones that are free."

Dyllan, Allison, and Evell locked hands together, forming a triangle. The ground started to shake. All three of them glowed brightly with white light.

Evell was the only one who's eyes were open. They glowed white like he had no pupils. Evell was conscious in this power lock for a reason.

He was communicating...within the alternate reality.

"With the light of your holy power," he whispered. In the alternate reality, he spoke normally, "Bring us three into your land, Light God, the reality that you see."

Dyllan, Allison, and Evell began disintegrating into bits of light; they were being converted into energy and brought into the alternate reality; that is how Evell's power works.

Vincent and Gerald, now conscious, stood with Adam and Anna.

"They've awakened. Our task is complete." Vincent said, as the three looked to the sky, where the shards of light flew up into a rift.

"Now it's up to them to stop the disaster we've been told of." He concluded.

Classified Location

"Kaitlyn...our son is dead."


"Yes, he who articulated my 'death.' The Triad and their fathers defeated him in battle at the laboratories in Arizona." Kaitlyn began to cry.

"Oh, Cylath...did you know this was going to happen...?"

"...Yes. I did." Cylath answered sadly. "It will only get worse. We have but one son left...and as we know he is the disaster we can no longer prevent."

"Then...what happens next?"

"Tragic circumstances are to begin. I have the choice to affect a few, or the entire world. Despite what has gone into covering up me being alive, and my unwillingness to take these measures, I must think of the world and go down the path that will save it. Tonight, I leave for Leading Laboratories. Tonight, I will side with heroes.

If, of course, they'll have me."

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