Peculiar Findings

The Triad: Chapter 1 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Mikul Corp. - Building 0

11:05 P.M.

The bright lights illuminating the offices of Floor 5 contrasted with the cold, dark sky of night present beyond the windows. The CEO of the Mikul Corporation, Nathaniel C. Mikul, has been called to this floor to view a startling discovery made by a rookie employee of the company. Needless to say, Dr. Mikul went in with much skepticism.

"Alright, I'm going to look at what this guy has, determine that it is fake or something of the sort, offer some encouraging words, and return to my business." Mikul got the Head of Building 0 up to speed as he took the elevator to Floor 5.

"Sounds respectable, sir, but what if Halete's findings are important? What if he found something truly amazing, as he says?"

"And give a modest rookie a huge ego? Never. If his findings are so important, I'll pull them up myself and have the elites handle it in secret. Halete will never know."

The elevator stopped, and a "ding" sounded as the doors slid open to Floor 5.

"I have to go, Mr. Altmanti. I'm at Floor 5." Mikul said, ending the call and placing his cell phone back into his coat pocket. At the far end of the floor, Mr. Halete stood at his desk, along with other faithful employees. His findings were brought up on a large computer monitor.

"Ah, Mr. Jalerd Halete. Mr. Altmanti tells me you have something very important to share with me..." Mikul said, pleasantly.

"Yes sir, Dr. Mikul. Take a look at the screen." Jalerd started the media displayed.

Two videos were displayed side-by-side, and began to play. It looked like footage taken from a stationary security camera. A camera from about 40 years ago. The two videos appeared to be taken from the very same camera, but radically different things were present in the videos.

"What is this?" Mikul asked.

"These, sir, are two videos taken from the same camera, and dated on the same day, at the same time. The camera is on the right side of this building, stationed over the sidewalk at about Floor 2's height." Jalerd pointed to the date and time metadata on screen. "However, two different things are happening. One the first one, the footage shows nothing special, people are walking to and fro, cars are going past, other buildings are across the street, people there are doing their own thing."

"But the other one..." Mikul started.

"Yes, sir, the other one shows that no buildings are present on the other side of the street, just open land with a small stone monument. See these kids here?" Jalerd pauses the video and points to them. "The one kid glows and then the monument opens! How is that possible? Regardless of that, how could these videos be taken at the exact same time and show two different realities?"

Now was Mikul's chance. "This could've been filmed anywhere in the world. I mean, notice the angle, a common security position. Who's to say this land isn't on the other side of the country? And, with special effects nowadays that kid could've glowed until the screen went white. I like your enthusiasm, though. Your passion for discovery? It's great. Keep up the good work." Mikul turned.

"Now, now, wait, sir, there is something about this that just feels off! Please, believe me, this must be investigated!"

"We'll be in touch. Good night, Mr. Halete." Mikul pressed the Top Floor button on the elevator control and the doors slid closed.

"Ding!" The elevator reached the top and Dr. Mikul was greeted with the sight of his large, opulent office. The grand windows revealed the tops of many buildings in the city, their lights brightening the night. Mr. Altmanti walked out of a room to the right side of the office's main floor.

"So, what are we to do?" Mr. Altmanti asks.

"I want every Elite on this. I believe Halete discovered what my father was trying to find all along in starting this research company."

"That's a heavy assumption, sir. What makes you so sure?"

"Halete found two videos taken at the exact same time 40 years ago, from the same camera positioned on the side of this very building. The weird thing is, the two videos show a radically different scene."

"And? One video was probably taken somewhere else with a camera in a similar position."

"That's what I said to discount Halete's findings. But, in truth, I was so shocked I hardly was able to contain myself."

"Why, sir?"

"That." Mikul pointed to an old photo hanging on the wall. Under it was a plaque containing information about the photo.

Clemethai Stone Monument

September 18, 1980. After the Golden Kid opened the way.

Taken by Cylath A. Mikul during 1st voyage.

"That was in the video?" Altmanti asked, confused.

"Not the picture." Mikul started, "That scene in the picture. My father disclosed to me everything about his time travel voyages before he passed. At least, I thought he did. As I came up here, I checked on my phone. The video of that scene doesn't exist anywhere in our records, including my father's. The other boring video does."

"If that one video exists at the same time from the same location, how does the one that shows the area in the picture exist at all?" Altmanti was really confused now.

"I think my father, and whoever originally released the video Halete found...traveled back in another reality."

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