Voidverse is a series of stories made by Dk64rules (tbc) under N Books. It is largely a dramatic plot focusing on the lives of people who possess superpowers based on light, and their life dealing with the good and evil of their power as well as the powers of others around them.

The series, as the name indicates, also has to do with The Void, a world that co-exists with Earth and is the home to many people with light powers during several parts of the Voidverse sagas.


The Voidverse series has two story arcs, each containing their own sagas.

2010 - 2012
This the original and longest arc. It details the trials of different Light Personas throughout the life of The Void.
Voidverse Future Logo
This the newest story arc. It details the origins of the Voidverse story and what would happen if The Void did not exist.




See the Voidverse character portal.



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