The Voidal Being is a strange entity from Clash of the Fiction referenced many times throughought the game, but never actually seen or confronted until the very end of the game. After unlocking the secrets of the many different worlds, the player must descend into the black hole under the Void. Space and even time begin to distort around this entity of unknown power. It is capable of conjuring Shadow Clones of any character it has met at will.


The Voidal Being serves as a final boss once the player descends into the black hole located underneath the Void. When the player first enters, they get sucked into a black-as-black darkness, before waking up on a very calm, grassy field. Looking up, a staircase composed of unusually large blocks is seen leading up to a flagpole. The player regains control of their Avatar, and need to hop up the staircase and jump towards the flag. When doing so, everything around them will once again swirl into darkness.

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