Void Unleashed Chapter 5 - Void Unleashed, Truth Revealed

Written by Dk64rules.

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"Crap!" Colin yelled as he barely avoided his bookshelf, slamming to the floor with a force that would've killed him had he been a moment slower. He kept running, and got to his doorway, the door detached and probably down the hall by now. Dodging other running, scared servants and royals, Colin headed for the wall with the secret passage.

Admittedly, going into a narrow tunnel when there's stuff crumbling to the ground was not the best idea.

The tunnel was cut in half, right in front of Colin's eyes by a chunk of stone from a castle tower. This blocked Colin from the secret room. He couldn't find out the truth now...unless...

Gathering his Void powers, he shot his hands forward and blasted the stone out of the way. This also created a huge hole in the ground, letting the pouring rains from outside into the secret room. Colin would have to work fast, or he would drown.

Dropping out of the tunnel, Colin landed on the cold metal floor of the secret room. Looking around as he walked forward, he found out that this was actually the Boiler Room of the castle. Did Jayl know that? After all, he didn't know about the secret passage...

Colin found a metal door at the right end of the room and opened it. It wasn't all that hard to open; it was an old, rusted metal door that was probably yanked open and slammed shut more times than any other door in the castle. Inside, Colin found one, lone file cabinet. Walking slowly towards it, he could read the labels on the individual cabinet doors:

"Colin's Files 1"

"Colin's Files 2"

"Power Crystals"

His hand shaking, Colin reached for the first "Colin's Files" door and opened it. Inside was one folder. Colin opened that as well.

Inside was his birth certificate. Colin read it out loud to himself.

"Colin Sixty Four, birth date 1/10/V10, parents unknown, ancestor of Sixty Four...what?!"

Colin looked at the paper in disbelief. Was that why he could heal Damon and stop the fires? Was he a Light Persona? But how could he be a Light Persona, when he also could use Void powers?

He also found another paper in the folder. It was a just plain lined sheet that read, "Will, caretaker of Colin, when the Ragestorms come, eliminate him...or he will awaken." Colin decided to leave that paper behind. Now even angrier and still confused, he stood and thought.

Thinking about this mystery, Colin failed to notice the speeding Voidbullet (a concentration of Void power in a bullet shape) zoom past him, missing and blowing up a chunk of the wall in front of him, causing more water to pour in.

Swimming now, with the birth certificate inside the folder, and the folder held tight in his hand, he saw Jayl jump out of the water, and start to float in the air!

"So've found prepare to fight your historical enemy...the Void Lord, myself!"

The castle shook again as Jayl said that. Of course, Colin knew it was a trick to get him to stop and fight, which would mean the water would rise around him. Colin kept going, towards the edge of the hole he created when he was inside the tunnel. The fallen stone from said tunnel created some steps Colin could use to get out.

Jumping for the first step, Colin looked up and followed Jayl with his eyes, up towards the very top of the Central Tower. Colin also realized that the tower destroyed by the storm, which the stone chunk that blocked his way came from was his own, because Will's corpse also fell with it. Looking away, Colin jumped to get up on the ground, but in doing so, he triggered his second light power: Lightjump.

"Woah! This is pretty cool." Colin said as he flew high into the air. Getting on top of the Central Tower via Lightjump was way more of a breeze than what he planned to do instead.

Landing opposite of Jayl's position on the tower, with the Voidswirl insignia glowing in the center, Colin knew this was the fight he must win. He should've grabbed those power crystals before!

Jayl started, with his sinister voice, as lightning crackled around them, "Well, Colin, it's been nice being your father. Injecting you at birth with some Void power so that you wouldn't be confused as to why you held light while your dad held Void...showing you the Revolution Council, which you now take your core values from...trying to keep you away from Nicole for that very reason...I had a genuinely good time."

Colin knew this was another trick, this one to take him by surprise so that Jayl could immediately gain the upper hand. Acting quickly, Colin blocked Jayl's charge.

"Game on, old man." Colin said to Jayl, looking him in his water-damaged yellow eyes. They both heard a blast in the background. It was the Revolution Council's camp, exploding in a shower of fire. Who survived? Who died? They stayed in their positions, locked in a stare...

The End.

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