Void Unleashed Chapter 4 - Facing the Hidden Enemy

Written by Dk64rules.

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"What the hell?!" Colin shouted as the Revolution Council camp burst into tall towers of flame, as though someone planted timed flare mines inside the camp. Quickly, Colin rushed into the area, evading the fires as he looked for anyone he could save. Some were already awakened and trying to pull others that were fast asleep out of the camp, but as far as Colin knew, no one had saved Nicole or even Damon yet. As Colin frantically looked around, he finally caught sight of Nicole's tent.

Now Colin wasn't the strongest guy, so he wouldn't be able to get her out by carrying her. However, he could wake her up, which he did. The two rushed out of the destroyed camp to meet with the rest of the people that escaped. Colin and Nicole both looked around, and came to the same conclusion.

Damon wasn't saved yet.

Rushing back in without much thought, Colin avoided the now stronger geysers of flame, spreading rapidly around him. Seeing Damon trying to crawl out of his tent, his body on fire, Colin rushed over and tried to concentrate enough of his elemental energy to heal him. He already was anticipating failure; Void Personas don't have the power to heal. But he tried anyway, and with a flash, not only was Damon fully recovered, but the flames were put out.

Colin had more than person-healing power. He could fix disasters.

"I...did it?" Colin asked himself, taken aback as he looked at his hands, which were glowing a gold color, slowly dimming out.

Before he could go back to Nicole, Colin heard the sirens from the castle go off. Someone figured out that he wasn't there! Waving goodbye to the thankful Council members, he ran back down the path, and went back into the secret passage.

Crawling through, he stopped again at the right (now left) turn he saw the first time. Now, there were way more people, the machines were louder, and he could make out the top of Will's head.

Why was Will there?

Dismissing that thought, Colin went straight some more until he came out of the wall. Sneaking back to his bedroom, he saw that no one was waiting for him there. They all must've thought he escaped, which he did, and so they didn't bother leaving anyone to search inside. Laying on his bed like he was before, he thought of the flare mines. Did Jayl put them there when they took the trip? No, he stood silent by the chariot the whole time...

Just then, his door creaked open. Colin faked being fast asleep, and he heard Will whisper in his ear...

"Have fun watching everyone burn?"

Colin immediately sprang up and pinned Will to the wall.

"It was you who planted the flare mines?! Why would you do such a thing? And what's going on under the castle?!" Colin demanded. Will didn't answer. He shoved Colin off of him, and his eyes opened, the first time in a while that he did. Colin assumed he was blind. They were orange-red, like fire.

Will was the Fire Persona, historically a close affiliate to the Void Persona. How could Colin not realize? Colin read all the time about the plight of Guyton and his public figurehead Merevelous Dontori against Eric Four. It was one of his favorite stories. How could he not connect Fire Persona Merevelous to Will? They have the same last name.

Without giving Will enough time to ignite Colin's room, Colin picked up the chair from his desk and whacked Will in the side with it. Will flew over to the opposite wall. Despite being very strong in his element, Will was still a relatively frail, old man. Colin silently hated himself for having to attack Will, but he knew that, for the greater good, it must be done.

Struggling to regain his stance, Will was captured by the neck in Colin's hand. Colin knew about the Power Transfer move, which entails that if a Persona is held by the neck of another Persona, the one being held would slowly lose his or her power, and it would be transfered into the one who was holding the other.

As Will was being drained of power, he tried to speak,


And then, Colin layed Will down. Completely drained of his power, Will died on the spot. Colin mourned the loss of his former friend. Even though he knew it was the right thing, that couldn't stop the tears...

But that sadness somehow turned into angry determination. Colin had killed someone, not only someone, possibly his best friend, for the cause of freedom. Now he realized, he was destined to be committed to the Revolution.

All he had to do now was follow Will's orders, and investigate the secret room. There he would find the real truth about himself...

Before he could even move, the castle shook violently, and things were being thrown around in his room.

A massive Ragestorm was beginning, and it seemed as though the usual shields to protect The Void were down.

What will Colin find?

Can he save the people of the Council in time, before it's too late?

Why was Will plotting against Colin in the first place?

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