Void Unleashed Chapter 3 - Daring Escape

Written by Dk64rules.

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That night, Colin layed awake on his bed, thinking about just how corrupt the entire system of the Royals was. Over and over, he came to the same conclusion to every issue: the Revolution guys could handle it better. Colin felt bad going against his father, even though it was just in his mind for now. In the back of his mind, he kept hearing the same thought tick every so often:

"It's not that bad, corruption benefits the few behind it, and I am part of that few. I've got nothing to worry about!"

But that wasn't enough to calm him down. No, he didn't just care about himself. What about the Revolution Council, all the poor citizens of the towns in ruins...what about Nicole? They won't benefit from a continuation of the Royal Corruption.

He had no choice. Though he wouldn't admit it, he didn't really care for any of the people he lived with. And ever since he realized the corruption going on, Jayl was even added to that list. No, he now cared about the people he wanted to support. The ones who were trying hard to get the truth out.

He had to go see them (by them, he meant Nicole). It was a dark night, but Colin could make it. He once got lost on a trip and found his way home by looking for the castle's tower lights, which shone all the way to the edge of Farewood. He would be fine...once he got there.

He couldn't open the window. After 11:00pm, all the windows' alarms turn on, and drone turrets stand at the ready to blast people breaking in to bits. If he wanted to open a window, he would have to contact a Guard Administrator. How would one of them react if Colin said he was going to escape into Farewood to see Nicole?

He could take the long, nerve wracking way out his bedroom door, evading the many guards with their high-tech Heatseekers, basically flashlights that could detect heat in a person's body within the range of the light. All the guards were trained to unguard bathrooms and aim away from fellow guards, but the front door wasn't exactly an ungaurded place...

There was that secret passage that Colin knew of...that obviously wasn't guarded, it was a secret to almost everybody, even Jayl himself! It was settled, he would evade the guards leading to the passage, and then take it outside.

Acting quickly, he came out of his room and walked casually toward the bathroom on his floor. This was the easy part; the bathroom stop was only halfway to the wall containing the bricks blocking the passage. Making it sound like he went to the bathroom, he peered open the door, checked to see if the coast was clear, and then bolted away from the path back to his room, and over to the passage blocks.

Removing them, Colin crawled in unseen, recovered the opening, and crawled through the narrow, dark tunnel. Good thing his night clothes included a special flashlight button in the row of the regular plastic ones on his shirt. Now with light, he saw that the secret tunnel was relatively clean for being so unknown. Maybe Will was using it more for some reason, since he was the only other one who knew of it. He and Colin found it on one of Colin's little "adventures" through the castle that he made Will go on with him, when he was younger and they were good friends, despite their ages and Will's occupation as Colin's servant. They promised to keep it their secret.

The thought of Will frequently using the passage made Colin go faster.

"What if Will had to use it now?" he thought, picking up speed. Almost at the end, he came across a right turn in the "road." That wasn't there before...not since Colin last used this passage to see Nicole...come to think of it, since he used this way before, and for the same reason, why had he not thought of this first? More importantly, why had the guards not caught on yet?

Looking through the way to the right, but not going further that way, he saw what looked to be a whole secret room. He heard the faint noise of working machines, and the chatter of people. Why were people working down here? What were they working on?

Dismissing these nagging questions, Colin went on through the rest of the straightway, and came up through the ground, outside the castle. He then ran down the road that Jayl and Colin traveled in their chariot earlier that day, to see the Revolution Council in action.

Colin was just in see the Council's main camp go up in flames.


"Sir, we heard some noise coming from the secret passage earlier. Do you know what that is about?"

"Heh heh...of course I do. It's Colin, running through like a little ninja, off to see Nicole. Of course, since I foresaw this, I hooked up a little...fiery surprise in the camp for him...With luck, his love should burn to the ground, and in that distraught, he should return to the way of our keep working, maggot! I want the next Ragestorm to hit hard; tear apart the capital! To show those worthless citizens a real good time!"

Who is the mysterious person plotting against Colin and the citizens of the capital?

Do you know who already?

Will Colin get to save the Council?

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