Void Unleashed Chapter 2 - Meeting the Revolution

Written by Dk64rules.

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The Royal Chariot, pulled by 2 Dark Bloodhorses (horse-like variants of Bloodslashers), went down the road extending from the Grand Castle, across the northern border of Leeder, the capitol province of The Void, and into the province that the Revolution Council called home: Farewood. Right on the border of Farewood and Leeder was the Council's main public site.

Jayl, keeping his hate at bay, said, "We have arrived, my son. See for yourself the evil things they hold as their values..."

Now of course what Jayl saw was a lot of anti-royals propoganda, with banners hung embracing freedom and equality. But to Colin, somehow he knew that the Revolution guys were in the right. Just the way they organized out of interest and want, rather than looking like they were forced to gather. The way they spoke with compassion about their beliefs, instead of a ruthless chant meant to terrorize.

Of course, Colin didn't let Jayl know anything about his newfound feeling towards the Revolution Council. To do that would mean to be left behind with them, for Jayl to leave without Colin. For Colin to give up his only chance at claiming the throne after his father...and change the policies in favor of the Revolution!

Getting a "go along and see" message from Jayl, Colin left his side. Not exactly interested in learning more, since he had already formed his opinion, Colin went to find Nicole Cerato, Damon's daughter. Colin only saw her once, the only time her father ever came to speak with Jayl. Obviously Colin liked her, how could he not? She was the opposite of everything Colin knew growing up around the Royals. Sweet, caring, kind, but with a compassionate drive of independence that no one could take away from her; a fierce determination. She was made for the Revolution Council.

Made, for Colin.

However, Colin couldn't find her in time. Seeing Colin not interested in learning about the Council itself, Jayl knew he was looking for Nicole. With a call back to the chariot, Colin would need to wait for another chance to see her...

Jayl and Colin headed home.


"Master, Void unstability levels are off the charts! Our normal shield generators will do next to nothing in keeping the provinces protected from the raging storms that are approaching! They will be much stronger than 4 years ago, sir!"

"Mmm...then let the people have know what, why don't you guys take down the shields. I want to see those fools punished! Maybe the storms will even take out that Grand Castle, where the most selfish fools reside! Heh heh heh!"

"Sir, that won't protect us either!"

"Not you guys, but me, oh I'll be fine..."

Will Colin ever get to see Nicole again?

When will Colin's secret good side come out?

Who is the mysterious one unprotecting the people from the coming storms?

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