2 years ago on this day (of this chapter's publishing), the first chapter of The Sixty Four Saga was published. Though the one chapter was not finished until the day after, Sixty Four had been introduced to the wiki. A completely random idea from only my imagination branched out into three separate parts, then a whole new saga which took a long while to finish, then another, and then a prequel to explain some of the unexplained from Sixty's time. Now I begin to write the final saga, to bring about the closure to the Voidverse series, 2 years since I had begun it.

- Dk64rules


Void Unleashed Chapter 1 - Welcome Back

Written by Dk64rules.

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The air was cold, it was the dead of night. Gales of wind howled as they blew over the Void provinces, and great bolts of black lightning struck the ground, igniting their strike points with tall blazes, their flames rising toward the storming clouds and the Void Sky above.

People ran for their lives, through the pouring rain of boiling water droplets, contrasting with the freezing temperature on the surface. The land shook slightly as though to be eerily unsettling in the wrath of the harsh weather.

"Those people deserve this," said Jayl Cel's adoptive son, the titled Prince of Shadow, Colin Four, known as Colin Cel to the people of the Void.

Taking slow, dominant-like steps towards the window Colin looked out of, Jayl Cel replied,

"Right, son. These are the low-lifes who don't see the world as we do. They think the world's rewards should be equal to everyone...but you and I both know it is the successful, the ruling class that have rightfully earned those rewards, and those who have not, should be dealt what they earn. They earn torture like this because they do nothing!"

They were calmly waiting out the storm in the safety and luxury of the Grand Castle, along with the rest of the royals and those lucky enough to be servants to them. The Grand Castle had been renovated many times, mostly because of destruction by heroic light personas.

Running to Jayl's side, William Dontori, the Head of Service to the royals delivered the message, "Emperor Jayl, Revolution Council Head Damon Cerato demands that you allow him to speak with you."

Annoyed, Jayl turned to Will and simply replied, "Tell him that I have no interest in speaking to the head of the organization designed to overthrow me, nor will I offer him the luxury of avoiding the storms of outside that he hints at wanting."

Complying, Will ran off, back to the front door to deliver Jayl's harsh-toned answer to Damon, who was waiting outside.

"Dad, why do you not like the Revolution Council?" Colin asked, innocently so as to not get Jayl angry at being questioned.

"Colin, the Revolution Council is plotting to overthrow me, you, and the entire system of us well-deserving royals. Like I said, most of the Void residents want the world's rewards without the work. And the Revolution Council members are the highest supporters of that lifestyle. Now, run off to bed, it's getting late. Tutor Ziegtel has a big lesson prepared for you tomorrow."

As Colin walked down the hall to his bedroom, Jayl continued to stare out the window at the raging storm.

"Oh, why do I have the feeling this storm signals something bad is going to happen...Colin is beginning to question me on my beliefs that he held so highly in his younger days; he's starting to grow up, no doubt part of the reason he questioned me was that starting to accept the Council would mean he would get to see Damon's daughter more often! Or maybe I'm getting ahead of myself...I'm a terribly old man, should've died years ago, I can feel it...maybe I can't remember how fast these things go, and I still have some time..."

4 years later...

"Prince Colin! Your father would like to see you!" Will called to Colin, who was still sleeping in his room. Reluctantly, he got up and went to see Jayl in the Throne Chamber.

"Yes, Dad?" Colin asked, hinting at the fact that this wasn't his ideal morning. Disregarding Colin's tone, Jayl explained Colin's early wake-up call.

"Colin, I am taking you on a special trip today. I know you are reaching the end of your time growing up from boy to man, and I want you to fully understand the intentions of the Revolution Council before you become the next Emperor of The Void. Since you were 12 you never stopped questioning me on my disdain towards the people of that organization, and I think now it is time you understood, before you make a mistake in my place."

Get dressed. We have quite a trip to take."

What will Jayl show Colin?

Why was a Four adopted by Jayl Cel?

Will Colin be swayed to Jayl's reason by the trip?

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