The Void is a location in the Pyroverse that lacks a specific dimension, unlike all other locations within the universe. Instead, the Void is a realm between dimensions, with portals through the Void being the primary method of travel between them.

The Void lacks any form of natural or synthetic life, and most rules of reality and physics that do govern normal dimensions do not apply. As such, the Void's high concentration of Nebulaic Energy is not concentrated into the cores of stars or planets, like in other dimensions, but instead roams free in its rawest, most basic state.


The Void lacks a specific history, as it was formed upon the creation of the Pyroverse and lacks any form of life to create significant events. It is, however, crucial as a gateway between dimensions, as the only travel between them is due to tears formed between normal dimensions and the Void. As such, it has been used as a method of transport for long spans of time by civilizations who successfully developed the means of doing so.



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