Vloxxin Land
Developer(s) Rocket Corp
Publisher(s) Rocket Corp
Platform(s) RocketPlay
Release Date(s)
September 19th, 2015
Single-player, versus
Genre(s) Platformer
Cost 3.99
Vloxxin Land is an original video game by Rocket Corp, made for the RocketPlay.


Once upon a time, there was a small place named Vloxxin Land. It was inhabited by a species known as Vloxxins; walking, talking creatures that live much like humans, but a lot simpler.

One day, an evil spirit known as Sezzo came to Vloxxin Land and captured every single Vloxxin living there... except for one, named Jammoh, a small Vloxxin with red gloves and boots.

At first, Jammoh didn't know what was going on, but after he saw Vloxxin Land inhabited by almost no-one, he figured out Sezzo's evil.

Jammoh was very angered by Sezzo. (Who wouldn't be?) As soon as he was ready, he set out to fight for the rest of his kind...


Vloxxin Land is a platformer. There are six worlds, and there are ten stages per world. In every stage, Jammoh will run from left to right attacking enemies and obtaining power-ups while trying not to lose all of his health (8 HP). Some stages have water, which will deplete Jammoh's health the more he stays in it. The last stage is always a fortress, where Jammoh will fight a boss. After a boss is defeated, Jammoh will move on to the next world.

The player may connect to another player or their friend in VS. mode, where Jammoh and Clone Jammoh compete in a variety of maps to collect more gold than the other.



Name Description


Green Field A grassy field with lots of flowers and stuff. Jammoh's first world is quite an easy one, with not too many enemies or obstacles. This world's boss is Giga Crewla.
2 Yellow Desert

A quite sandy desert. Things start to get a bit more difficult, and there are tornadoes that might get in your way a lot. This world's boss is Giga Sporklo.

3 Blue Ocean A very deep ocean. This world has more water than any other world, which may cause a little bit of trouble for the player. This world's boss is Giga Rindeg.
4 Brown Mines

Jammoh ventures into the mines. This world has lots of minecarts which, when jumped into, can either make situations better or worse. This world's boss is Giga Porplo.

5 White Clouds

A very puffy, cloudy world. This world is a lot more platform-based than the others, and has some disappearing clouds in some stages. This world's boss is Clone Jammoh.

6 Sezzo's Domain The final world, and thus the last 10 levels. This world is a lot harder than the rest, and incorporates nearly every mechanic in the game. This world's boss is Sezzo.


Image Name Description
Crewla Crewlas are the weakest enemies in the game. All Crewlas do is walk around and jump every once in a while. A stomp or Mystery Ring can defeat it quite easily.
Sporklo Sporklos are much like Crewlas, though they are much harder to defeat because they have a spike on their heads. They can only be defeated with a Mystery Ring.
Rindeg Rindegs are enemies that fly above or below Jammoh in straight lines. When approched, they fly up or down into Jammoh hoping they will hurt him. Both types of Rindeg can by defeated by a jump or Mystery Ring.
Porplo Porplos hide in tunnels until Jammoh approaches them. If he does, the Porplos will jump out of their tunnels and attempt to hurt Jammoh. They can only be defeated by a Mystery Ring.

Shokmans stay in one place. Collision with Jammoh won't hurt him, but after a few seconds Shokmans will attempt to electrocute Jammoh (which will hurt him) and go back to being harmless. They can only be defeated by a Mystery Ring.

Sleptar Sleptars sleep very often. When they do, a bubble surrounds them blocking any sorts of attacks. After a while of sleeping, they will wake up, the bubble will be removed, and they will release a few projectiles. They will go back to sleep again after a few more seconds. They can be defeated with a jump or Mystery Ring.


Image Name Description
Giga Crewla Giga Crewla is just a giant Crewla. Like the rest of his kind, he is pretty easy to defeat; all he does is walk, jump, and sometimes run towards Jammoh. Takes 8 hits to defeat.
Giga Sporklo

Giga Sporklo walks back and forth. Sometimes he will shoot his (explosive) spike at Jammoh, revealing his weak spot. He regenerates another spike a few seconds later, so hit him when he's vunerable! Takes 8 hits to defeat.

Giga Rindeg Giga Rindeg flies and flies in a wave-like motion above Jammoh. He launches normal Rindegs at Jammoh, and sometimes he will launch himeslf where you can hit him. Takes 9 hits to defeat.
Giga Porplo Giga Porplo jumps from tunnel to tunnel. Sometimes he will stick to the ceiling, which will cause an earthquake and drop rocks which Jammoh should avoid. He will drop down afterwards, which is Jammoh's chance to hit him. A few seconds later,  and he will continue his regular tunnel-to-tunnel routine. Takes 9 hits to defeat.
Clone Jammoh A clone of Jammoh who knows his every move. He will sometimes grow a pair of wings and double-jump, or get a pair of speed boots and run much faster. If he jumps on you, you'll die instantly. Takes 10 hits to defeat.
Sezzo The final boss of the game! He teleports around the arena, and shoots lots of projectiles. Sometimes, the projectiles are very hard to dodge! At low health, he'll summon a black hole which instantly kills Jammoh if he gets sucked into it. Takes 10 hits to defeat.


Image Name Description
Power Fruit Sometimes dropped by any enemy. Refills 2 HP.
Wings of Flight Sometimes dropped by Rindegs. Gives Jammoh a pair of wings, which allows him to double-jump. Lasts until Jammoh gets hit twice.
Speed Boots Sometimes dropped by any enemy. Gives Jammoh new boots, which give him a lot of speed. Lasts until Jammoh gets hit twice.
Mystery Ring Rarely dropped by any enemy. Gives Jammoh invincibility, which can kill any and every enemy and deal lots of damage to bosses. Lasts for a short while.