Vladislav is a human warrior of the Gor'kiy Clan. He first appears in Kirby: Onslaught as the head of the military of the Human Alliance. He later appears in Kirby: Dark Fury as a playable character.



Vladislav was born in the biggest of the Gor'kiy's cities, located in the ruins of their ancestors' metropolis. Like any normal Gor'kiy, he possessed great physical strength. However, he was unsual in the fact that he could only develop his earth ability, yet it was powerful.

The Demonic Onslaught and the Rise to Power

In an undesignated date in Vladislav's lifetime, the Demons' assault on various planets in the galaxy began. The unknowing Humans were all of a sudden attacked by "aliens"! The Gor'kiy who were once hunters and only fought for sport, were now forced to fight the first war in a century against the Demonic invaders. Vladislav was no exception. He quickly rose through the ranks due to his uncanny earth ability, which became even stronger during this time period. He became a popular figure amongst his people for his public excecutions of Demonic prisoners.

The Arrival of the Heroes

The most popular member of the Human Council, Hiraku of the Hito, often made spot on predictions which gave the Humans an edge in the war, but none of his predictions were as looney as one of his latest. He claimed that soon two puffballs, a Human painter, a fat penguin with a mallet, and a fairy would descend form the heavens and rid the world of Dark Matter. This became a joke amongst many of the Humans. Hiraku knew if he didn't send a higher up to the location in his predictions, Humanity would be doomed to eternal warfare, but no one would believe him if he told them. Therefore, he told Vladislav that a huge wave of Demons was going to set up another base in the mountains to the northwest. Eager to kill the servants of his mortal enemy, Vladislav took a few generals and set off. To their dismay, they found only a broken pod and one cold higher ranked Demoness. They easily killed her, and planted their banner. They were heading back to the capital city when one of the general claimed he smelt something. He pointed to the north and claimed he smelt a Human and four other beings which he could not identify. Thus they followed him north.

The Great Battle

Now aided by Kirby, Ribbon, Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and King Dedede from the Pop Star, the Humans were now able to finally defeat the Demons by striking their only base. For a more detailed explanation, go here.

The Arena

Having defeated many Demons in battle, and proclaimed by many Gor'kiy to be "the greatest in the world", Vladislav was invited to participate in the arena on the Sand Star. He found many of the opponents to be quite easy, until he encountered Kirby or one of his allies. It is still unclear which particular defeated him in battle.

The Coup Attempt

After the events of Kirby: Onslaught his importance greatly declined with the absence of war, though a few die hard followers stuck by. He became more and more dismayed by his fall from fame, and thus decided to make a move. Just before the beginning of Kirby: Dark Fury, Vladislav, with this closest supporters, attempted to seize the Human Council's main building, but was easily subdued. He was set to be executed, but was broken out of jail by his friend Wilhelm.

Arrival to the Pop Star

Wilhelm placed Vladislav inside one of his newly invented missiles, capable of traveling to other planets, and set him on a hypothetical trajectory to where "that pink thing came from". As planned, Vladislav lands on the Pop Star and possessed by Dark Matter. He is found by Kirby, Adeleine, and King Dedede, who free him. He obligues to join them on their quest against Dark Matter.


Vladislav can be zealous when it comes to fighting Dark Matter. Being of the Gor'kiy Clan, he enjoys fighting, and sometime takes it too seriously. He is also very emotional, always lacking logic in his decisions and blunt in his actions and words. Vladislav loves the presence of women. It seems he trusts them more. He can be slow to give his friendship, but not due to unfriendliness. His definition of a friend is more close than typical.


Vladislav's depictions in the games have been fairly consistent with one another.

Kirby: Onslaught

In his first appearance, Vladislav has pale skin, due to lack of sunlight, blue eyes, high cheekbones, bushy eyebrows, and black medium length hair. He is wearing black traditional Gor'kiy clothing. Over his shirt is a black chestplate. Around his body is a cloth displaying his many awards and medals. On his head is a ushanka. He is average height by Human standards.

Kirby: Dark Fury

Vladislav now has a more modest appearance. He is now wearing brown traditional Gor'kiy clothing, a dark brown ushanka, and is now missing his chestplate, and unsurpisingly his medals. It is notable that his clothing is more suited for a desert-like environment.


Vladislav possesses strength, agility, and stamina equal to the average Gor'kiy. Most physical attacks, whether a punch, sword, or a even a bullet, will do minimal damage, and he is immune to ice, diseases, and poisons. He also utilizes his earth ability to conjure sand and steel. However, he does have a hatred of fire.

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