Vjah the Knowledge Eater
Armour Nightmare
Image by Shadow Inferno
Full Name Vjah the Knowledge Eater
Current Age Incalculable
Gender Male
Location The Dreamrealms
Current Status Alive (possibly unkillable)
Class Nightmare
First Appearance Custodian
Latest Appearance Teatime for Transients

Vjah the Knowledge Eater is a major antagonist in several Lunatic Entertainment games, first appearing in the debut game, Custodian. He usually appears either as the primary antagonist or one inadvertently helping a primary antagonist while performing their own actions independently.


  1. Custodian (First appearance)
  2. Alternate Fantasy
  3. Legend of the Dragoon II
  4. GODex
  5. Klonoa Dreamscapes
  6. Spree
  7. Amalgam Online
  8. Troublesome Dicks
  9. Monster Space
  10. Dangerous Wilds
  11. Teatime for Transients


Of all the powers vying for control over the galaxy, Vjah is one of the most successful villains, ranking right alongside the Dragoon god of destruction, Vuul'huukos. Although his motives are unclear, what is clear are his goals: He seeks to consume the memories and knowledge of the universe.

An Armor Nightmare, Vjah often can be found lurking deep within the shadowy recesses of the Dreamrealms, standing just beyond what a dreamwalker can perceive and only revealing himself when it suits his purposes, such as to consume good dream energy to produce nightmares (at which point he can consume memories unabated as it is too busy dealing with the horrifying terror wracking itself to usually even notice him), or to make a deal or attack a rival. Despite working as a sort of "ambush predator", he is in no way weak, and in fact when he chooses to take action he proves that he is more than a match for his opponents, both inside and outside the Dreamrealm.


Vjah appears in several of Lunatic Entertainment's games as a primary antagonist, beginning with Custodian, where he rivals the heroic deeds of Glupe the Rezyn. He is later revealed to be the driving force behind the protagonist's transformations into Loki in Spree, as well as the one who actually afforded him these powers over shadows. While Loki is a villainous character, he does not experience a rivalry with Vjah but more of a mentoring, being guided along by the monstrous creature. He also serves as the final boss to Klonoa Dreamscapes and, despite not being a part of Vuul's Pantheon on Daikatan, has appeared in a few of these games as a major villain at some stage of these games. He is expected to appear in Lunatic Entertainment's upcoming real-life RPG, Teatime for Transients as well as a major villain.


  • Interestingly, there is no existing record (both in-game and real life) as to which of the creature's three "faces" are its actual head.