Viola in ???
Full Name Viola
Current Age When Vizro evolved
Date of Birth None becuause he is an evoution
Gender Male
Location Unova
Current Status  ???
Class Hero
9009 Entertainment
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Swords of Vines
Ability/ies Make Swords and Magic with Vines
Vulnerable To None
First Appearance Vizro RPG
Latest Appearance  ???

Viola is Vizro's evolved form. This evolved form is the star of the  2nd generation of Vizro games . He is now, equipped with Swords and Magic which are made of Vines. It is, unlike other evolved forms, can change back to their basic form. This evolve form takes debut in Vizro RPG, but never came until the 2nd generation.


 Spoiler Warning: This is info to a future game ahead

Vizro,Fitro , and Zor are on the ground. Defeated by an all powerful POZ. POZ taunts at Vizro. "You're horrible and Weak!" ."You are not even a Pokemon!" ."You can not fight worthy!. "You are weaker then normal types!". Vizro replies in anger " I may not know what I am, I may be weak, but i have a pride of a pokemon!"

A scorching light blows from Vizro. Vizro changes form. He turns into a new evolve form, Viola. Viola and POZ face off in a battle. Viola beats POZ. Viola finds out that the temple is breaking down, Viola gathers Zor and Fitro and escapes. He was accepting his Viola form until he turns back into his Vizro form. But, He knew that was his evolved form and knew he was a pokemon.

Spoiler Warning: The info previously has ended.


He is the evolved form of Vizro so he is stronger and swifter. He can survive any weakness grass types have. More uniquely, He is part psychic. He can change to his basic mode.


He makes his first debut in Vizro RPG as a power up. He then is the star of the second generation of Vizro games. He has a bigger and sharper leaf on the head and tail. Has leaf shoulders and and claws. He is taller.


  • Viola is voiced by a diffrent actor
  • A Viola is a string instrument that looks like a violon but has a C-string and is 2x's larger
  • It is unknown which level he evolves in
  • Based off fan comments that his pre-evolved form, Vizro, is a mix of a Treecko and Snivy, fans could say that Viola is a blend of Grovyle and Servine.