Vixleaf (Japanese: Fleafox) is a Grass type Pokemon introduced in Generation VI. Its species is the SEED FOX (GRASS FOX in Japanese) Pokemon. It resembles a green baby fox standing on two legs wearing a black "diaper" with two pink flowers on its head and a big purple flower on its tail. It is the first and only starter Pokemon to have a percentage of 87.5% of being female, and 12.5% of being male. Along with Coalcub and Africpo, Vixleaf is one of the starter Pokemon of the Ritto region, able to be chosen at the beginning of Pokemon Sun, Moon, and Starlight Versions.


Height: 1'00"/0.5m

Weight:13.0lbs/ 5.9kg

Special abilites: Vixleaf can turn its flowers into white bows, its purple flower into a giant pink bow, and its "diaper" into a black sleeveless lolita dress and a pair of black pumps.

Behaviour: Vixleaf are very friendly Pokemon who always obey their trainers. They only become sad when they did a mistake.

Pokedex Entries

Sun: A very friendly Pokemon who loves its Trainer. It can be very careless as well too.

Moon: If it does a mistake, it will become very sad. It only responds to friendly people.


Tackle: Start

Tail Whip: Start

Razor Leaf: LV 8

Charm: LV 11

Attract: LV 17

Headbutt: LV 24

Cosmic Beam: LV 26

Confusion: LV 29

Heart Wave: LV 32

Swift: LV 35

Psychic: LV 42

Petal Kiss: LV 46

Psy Bomb: LV 48

Giga Drain: LV 54

Grass Whistle: LV 59

Leaf Storm: LV 60

Grass Mixer: LV 61

SolarBeam: LV 62

In the anime

Vixleaf first appeared in Pocket Monsters! Dreams of Light! as one of Professor Maple's Pokemon. She took interest of Ash after he called her "cute beauty". When Ash starts to leave, she started to follow him and officially joins him in Episode 3. In Episode 59, she was trying to escape from Team Plasma's cage where it trapped her, Gliderow, Coalcub and Africpo. She later evolved into Carmixen to protect the other Pokemon and defeat Team Plasma, and remains having loyalty to Ash.

Holly, a girl with a Ghost-type Pokemon phobia, owns a Vixleaf which in her early childhood. It was defeated by Irene's Coalcub a lot of times. It has evolved into Carmixen while protecting Holly from a rampaging Deathspirit.

In the manga

Pokemon Adventures

Two Vixleafs were the last starter Pokemon to be given away to trainers. They are both Holly's and Henry's starter Pokemon. Before they were given away, they tried to stop Blazeko, Blasto and two Africpos from fighting, but one of them got hit by two Africpos, which frustrates them, causing them to join the fight, and scares Blazeko and Blasto off. It evolved to Carmixen when it tried to protect Holly from Team Plasma and evolved to Queenvixen while defeating a rampaging Desukaan which causes Holly to capture a rampaging Desukaan. It gets along very well with Henry's Queenvixen.

Pokemon S&M: The Legends of Sunophia and Moonruphus

X, a mysterious trainer who is in love with Irene but she isn't in love with him, Irene is in love with Cody instead. X owns a Vixleaf as his starter. It had already evolved into Carmixen after he met Cody and Irene.


Carmixen (Japanese: Ruriatia)

Species: BEAUTIFUL Pokemon

Pokemon Type: Grass/Psychic

Height: 3'75"/5.6m

Weight: 33.7lbs/15.3kg

A fox wearing a long sleeved black "dress" with red outlines with a very short skirt, a ponytail like hair, a pink veil, lots of makeup on its face, black pumps, a pair of tights and a big purple flower on its tail. Carmixen are very rude and proud, but can sometimes showed kindness if their trainers get upset with them. Carmixen also somehow hates fighting. Carmixen evolve from Vixleaf at LV 17.

Pokedex Entries

Sun: It can be very rude and proud, but will be very sorry if trainers get upset with them.

Moon: A Pokemon who dislikes fighting. Instead, they like to show off themselves with their "clothes".

Queenvixen (Japanese: Dorekitsune)


Type: Grass/Psychic

Height: 8'17"/9.9m

Weight: 87.2lbs/39.9kg

A big fox wearing a "queen's dress" made out of flowers and leaves, lost its ponytail that its pre-evolution Ruriatia had but having the same veil, lots of makeup on its face and a lot of jewellery on its body. Queenvixen are very arrogant, but are kind and gentle. Queenvixen also hates fighting. Queenvixen evolve from Carmixen at LV 34.

Pokedex Entries

Sun: A very beautiful Pokemon. It is very arrogant but kind and gentle.

Moon: It will only boss around its servants. It is very gentle in nature.


  • Vixleaf is the only grass type-starter to evolve into a dual-typed Pokemon in its middle evolution.

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