Vivian (ZL)
what is art? can i eat it?
Current Age 21
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Location Moonshade Valley
Nationality British
First Appearance  ???
Vivian is the chief police officer of the Zaxinian Earth Division, and is one of the very few Beorns that reside within its Moonshade Valley. He is a detective and constantly scans the scene for crimes or misdeeds, and picks up a lot of clues. He can sometimes come off as really shy and prefers to not get close to anyone he meets in fear that they will use him and take advantage of his paranoia. According to writings that he sent around Zonar, he once used to reside in Seattle in total poverty.


Vivian is an average-height Beorn with a lime-colored body with a darker tone towards the bottom of his main body and his arms/legs. He wears a long, black hoodie that covers up most of his body, also sporting a dark pair of sunglasses that hides away his eyes. The fur on his body is quite fluffy and rather ruffled up, being more noticeable than most other Beorns around in the world. This is probably because he rarely tames his own fur or cleans himself. Like Beorns such as Boare, Vivian's ears pop out as cropped ones rather than the popular round ears featured on those like Unten.


A good term to describe Vivian would be "anti-social". He is very shaky around others and tends to hide himself away from those that he sees. Compared to the more optimistic Scarlett, Vivian prefers to keep his distance from others and tends to behave mute around those he doesn't know well. When he gets to know someone to a strong degree, he fears of screwing up his relationships and tends to wobble his "knees". However, he is very serious and is unlikely to quit any task he's given, as he does not want to fall under the poverty line ever again. Even though rather scaredy, he is not really too much of a coward and will try to do anything to get further...unless it involves working on really small spaces.


Vivian has no supernatural traits, so he comes off as a bit more average in tone compared to the other citizens of Moonside Valley. He has excellent eyesight and is good at sniffing things out, and can do some well-timed physical combat, able to chop at his opponents with grace and get them to fall. While Vivian lacks a lot of strength, he works very well in combat when teamed up with someone efficient. As such, he battles best when he's alongside Scarlett or Bellatrix. Even then, he's still not very strong and tends to have problems breathing if a fight happens to go on for a long time, like about half an hour.

Relationships with other characters


Vivian likes Scarlett, although isn't always comfortable around her, especially when she gets a little nutty or flirty. When she comes close, he tends to take many steps backwards. He's very thankful for all the support she's given him and is happy that he can help run a peaceful home alongside her. Scarlett really likes Vivian in return, thinking he's a really cool person and always follows him around, amused by his serious yet cute personality and is happy with how he tends to run things around town. She thinks that he could use some cool-down time though; she wants to get to know him better.


Vivian has expressed dislike towards Bellatrix before, but mostly because of how strong her dislike is towards him. Vivian has known Bellatrix to be bossy, rather rude and despicable, and thinks her position as an important person in the Zaxinian Earth Division is...very questionable. He doesn't even understand what's wrong with him to get Bellatrix to hate him so much, but she has said quietly towards others that Vivian's personality is "very annoying" and that "you can hardly get him to work in dark places because of how much of a wuss he tends to be". They often clash heads on weekends.



  • Contrary to popular belief, he's not named after Vivian from Paper Mario.

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