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Viva Piñata Kart is a spin off title in the Viva Piñata series. It is a racing game for the Wii U and will be released the 22nd of March 2014.



Garden Paradise

Ruffian Hideout

Fudgehog Kingdom

Dastardos' Haunted House

Egghill Mountain

Cloud Kingdom

Piñata Airport

Elephanilla Casino

Piñata Central

Birthday Cake Mountain

Mousemallow City

Buzzlegum Hive

Horstachio Desert

Fuzzilybear Circuit

Unlocking Criteria:

Professor Pester: Complete 4 Time Trials.

Dastardos: Have a Level 15 Garden.

Fizzlybear: Do 50 drifts as Whirlim.

Elphanilla: Complete 10 Time Trials.

Horstachio: Have a Level 20 Garden.

Fudgehog: Do 50 drifts as Horstachio.

Buzzlegum: Get a 1-Star rank on all courses.

Chippopotamus: Complete 15 Time Trials.

Barkbark: Have a Level 25 Garden.

Kittlyfloss: Do 50 drifts as Barkbark.

Storkos: Beat all of her ghosts in all Time Trials.

Roario: Do 50 drifts as every single character.

Dragonache: Have a Level 30 Garden or higher.

Beta Elements: Click this (Viva Piñata Kart (Beta Elements)) to see the beta of this game.

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