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Viva Piñata: Island Journey is the third game in the Viva Piñata franchise and is available on the Wii U. It is released in Europe on March 3rd, 2015, and in America, Japan, and Australia on March 21, 2015. It is developed by Rare and published by Nintendo.

Viva Piñata: Island Journey is a fresh start for the franchise, with its primary new feature being separate islands where Piñatas must be searched for and trapped and then sent to the main island, where they will reside in the wild. Also added to the game are sea creatures, along with an entire, separate garden for these Piñatas. Not many of the Piñatas' names are known, as only images of them have been seen.

New Piñatas

  • Flamento, a flamingo that is pink and blue
  • Gingeraffe, a giraffe that is yellow, orange, and purple
  • Gobhopper, a grasshopper that is green and orange
  • Meringutan, an orangutan that is orange and blue
  • Platypez, a platypus that is green and brown
  • Unnamed anteater
  • Unnamed antelope
  • Unnamed cheetah
  • Unnamed cobra
  • Unnamed cockroach
  • Unnamed iguana
  • Unnamed kangaroo
  • Unnamed koala
  • Unnamed komodo dragon
  • Unnamed llama
  • Unnamed meerkat
  • Unnamed opossum
  • Unnamed otter
  • Unnamed panda bear
  • Unnamed pelican
  • Unnamed seagull
  • Unnamed seal
  • Unnamed sloth
  • Unnamed tapir
  • Unnamed tortoise
  • Unnamed turkey
  • Unnamed weasel
  • Unnamed wolverine

New Water Piñatas

  • Squickers, a squid that is pink and black
  • Whoppeel, an electric eel that is yellow, green, and blue
  • Unnamed anglerfish
  • Unnamed bass
  • Unnamed catfish
  • Unnamed dolphin
  • Unnamed hammerhead shark
  • Unnamed jellyfish
  • Unnamed lamprey
  • Unnamed lionfish
  • Unnamed lobster
  • Unnamed manatee
  • Unnamed manta ray
  • Unnamed minnow
  • Unnamed octopus
  • Unnamed orca
  • Unnamed pufferfish
  • Unnamed sea slug
  • Unnamed sea snake
  • Unnamed seahorse
  • Unnamed shark
  • Unnamed stingray
  • Unnamed swordfish
  • Unnamed tuna
  • Unnamed whale


Author's Notes

This game is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Please post any ideas you have, and i will very much appreciate it and possibly add it to the game if I like it enough. I'll even credit you should you desire it. Thank you!

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