Vital Warrior
Developer STYX Co.
Publisher Nintendologoayy

Vital Warrior is a new game being developed by STYX Co. and released for the Wii U and STYX PSi. It follows Atlas Matren, combatted against two continents converging, and unleashing the now corrupt God of Terrain - Morsurus. It's a turn-based RPG.


Before the first Chapter is shown, a book unfolds, revealing a poem, read by a female narrator (Bonitus), who tells a story: At the beginning of life was only spec of ash, evolving into the Dragon of Life...Rudimentus. Rudimentus created two more specs of ashes, Bonitus and Morsurus, to create Orbis - a land of humans, and a land of balance. Morsurus was the creator of Terrain, while Bonitus was the creator of Life. Bonitus made the 7 knights - Ichabod, Demetrius, Marcellus, Iolanthe, Sapphira, Zipporah, and Genevieve - to guard life and death, and Morsurus shaped the world. Soon they created man - a lesser form of themselves, Bonitus pleaded to Rudimentus that they should give man free will, while Morsurus wanted them to become slaves of prayer...a war struck, and a millenium of fighting went on between Morsurus and Bonitus, troubled, Rudimentus tasked the 7 knights to split Orbis into Malham and Solham. Morsurus would own Malham and do what he wished while Bonitus would do what she wished on Solham...Morsurus, not satisfied, attacked Rudimentus - the 7 knights tried to protect, only to fail, and Rudimentus was killed...however, with his heart, it banished Morsurus to live in the soil of Malham, cursed to look like the demon he was, and only have the wicked filth of evil souls in his land. The 7 Knights tried to warn Bonitus in their spirit forms, as the landlocks would only stay this way for 1000 years, before converging, freeing Morsurus of his curse...instead, they only managed to speak a poem,The Earth Poem, that Bonitus kept as tradition…

“The Light, it scatters, as it is told

The day its praised was the day no one knows

As the Vital Warrior, whispered for now, but yet to be shown

Bonitus' light calls back the wicked

Fearful of light they scatter - forbidden

There will be a day that it must return

Yet The Vital Warrior's spirit is yet to burn"  

...And the spirits of the 7 Knights became the last of Rudimentus, the last of the Vital Power...or so they say, but one hero would be born on the anniversary of Morsurus’s cursing, the festival of light, and would be born with a power only held once by the living 7 Knights - he would become the Vital Warrior. Continued... Vital Warrior/Story


Name Age Class Species
Atlas Matren 16 Hero/Changeable Human
Espra 17 Spirit Peri
Gemen Glagen 24 Brute Human
Yukan Banchi 18 Swordsman Human
Scalzo Preptori 17 Thief Human
Adoni Villcola 16 Peasent


Rudimentus 2,000 N/A Dragon/God
Morsurus 2,000 N/A God
Bonitus 2,000 N/A Goddess
Pallio Vindicabio 20 Thief Human
Irandé Bespade Mitrap 25 Thief Human


Vital Warrior is a turn based RPG, playing out like any RPG would. You take turns with your enemy attacking and can equip and de-equip armor, weapons, and items. Items help you in battle for a brief time, and you can use them in any battle at anytime. They might either heal you, restore VP, give you an attack boost, etc., etc. Armor is basically the garb your character wears. Like Items are found at Traders and Shopkeeps, armor is usually found at Supply Stores and occasionally Blacksmiths.

As for classes, Vital Warrior has 7: Swordsman, Mage, Brute, Thief, Knight, Peasent, and Hero.

As for attacking, each class specializes in forms of attack, which include 5: Fire, Water, Spirit, Dark, Earth


Hero: The hero class is the class obtained at the very start of the game, one which you can change upon levelling up. When you level up, it will give you a choice on which class to follow: Upon choosing, you will now become specialized with that class.



  • Flame Ball - 5 PP, 10 ATK
  • Flame Blaze - 10 PP, 20 ATK
  • Flare Crash - 10 PP, 22 ATK
  • Power Scorch - 25 PP, 30 ATK
  • Flare - 15, Burns Opponent, 5 ATK
  • Wildfire - 50 PP, 75 ATK
  • Red Flames - 55 PP, 78 ATK
  • Inferno - 60 PP, 88 ATK


  • Wave - 5 PP, 11 ATK
  • Waterfall - 10 PP, 22 ATK
  • Spout - 8 PP, 18 ATK
  • Tsunami - 12 PP, 23 ATK
  • Aquarius - 6 PP, 15 ATK
  • Drop of Life - 20 PP, Heals 30
  • Drown - 50 PP, Opponent loses turn, 10 ATK
  • Azure Rain - 40 PP, 68 ATK
  • Flood - 55 PP, 80 ATK
  • Acid Rain - 30 PP, Poisons Opponent


  • Magic Roots - 10 PP, Heals 20
  • Roots - 6 PP, Heals 13
  • Grains of Life - 5 HP, Restores 30 PP
  • Lumber Crush - 20 PP, 28 ATK
  • Forest Power - 35 PP, 50 ATK
  • Oakling Rush - 40 PP, 57 ATK
  • Floral Drain - 20 HP, Drains 40 PP from Opponent


  • Burst - 20 PP, 30 ATK
  • Beta Burst - 40 PP, 50 ATK
  • Omega Burst - 60 PP, 70 ATK
  • Rotting - 20 PP, 15 ATK (on normal), 120 ATK (on mage)
  • Death’s Curse - 50 PP, 10 ATK (each turn)
  • Grim Reap - 80 PP, 100 ATK (attacker loses 2 turns)
  • Eclipse - 80 PP, Opponent is blinded 


  • Rumble - 10 PP, 20 ATK
  • Quake - 5 VP, 13
  • Rockfall - 18 PP, 26 ATK
  • Rockslide - 28 PP, 45 ATK
  • Boulder Crash - 30 PP, 48 ATK
  • Avalanche - 68 PP, 80 ATK
  • Plunge - 88 PP, 120 ATK
  • Rock Heave - 98 PP, 150 ATK

Arena Mode

Arena Mode (also known as an Aftergame) is the free roam mode unlocked after beating the game. In this mode, it's exactly like the previous game, except it all takes place after the defeating of Morsurus. Even more sidequests are avaible and enemies still spawn, though much harder. Every chest has been randomized as well, and you're able to fight all of the bosses again by triggering certain things (though this mode is, of course, not canon).

Secret boss fights not first obtainable in the original game can also be reached, for instance, fighting Bonitus and the 7 knights.

Bonitus: TBA

7 Knights: TBA

Amiibo Fights

Instead of playinga s characters, due to the multiple conflicting reasonings, you can fight a variety of different Nintendo Characters from Amiibos - beating them teaches you a special move from their unique 3 moves, able to use in battles as you wish, and can be taught to other party members. They also may drop something else corresponding with their game origin.


Class: Hero

Special Moves: Fireball Thwomp Brigade Petey Pirahna Power

Loot: A Super Mushroom (Heals 100 HP)


Class: Swordsman

Special Moves: Goron Avalanche Lord Jabu-Jabu Majora

Loot: The Master Sword (High Class Weapon)


Class: Swordsman

Special Moves: Metal Face The Monado Bionis & Mechonis

Loot: Lancelot Armour (High Class Armor)




Solham: Beneman, Elysian Ville, Aeacus, Ventus, Campan, Meracs, Cor, Antimanes, Magnatia

Special Landforms: Mt. Murimuri, Imoherba Desert, Peregnum, Foramen

Malham: Asphodel, Keep of Elysium, Archeron, Inanus, Animham, Libitinas


  • Bonitus and Morsurus's titles (God/dess of Life/Terrain) where originally "Goddess of Spirit" and "God of Soul".
  • Scalzo was original going to be a cold-hearted thief Atlas would met in Beneman, but was changed to give Atlas a companion for the trip to Beneman.
    • This can be seen plainly through his name, as Scalzo's name comes form the italian word "Miscalzone", meaning "Villain" or "Scoundrel".
  • Atlas's original name was "Jonath".
  • Rudimentus's name was originally just "Robus", and was not actually proposed to be a dragon at first.
  • The names Malham and Solham come form the latin roots "Mal" (meaning bad) and "Sol" (meaning, well, soul).
  • Atlas's last name, Matren, actually is a corrupted form of the latin word for "mother", as Atlas was originally going to be under the ownership of his mother named Matren, before it was moved to his previously un-occupied surname.
  • The Peris are named after spirits in Egyptian mythology, which also led to the inspiration of Peregnum being homed in the desert.
    • Every Peris' name ends in an "A".
    • It also seems that Peris do not have actual surnames.
  • The names of the 7 Knights are the only real life names, contrast to every single other ingame character.
  • Mitrap's first name was originally just "Ell", presumabley based of of the spanish word for "the", "El".
    • Mitrap's current name is meant to be an anagram of "IBM".
    • Mitrap is also the only character thus far to have a middle name.
  • Though never spoken in-game, apparently Malham and Solham share a "Language of The Gods", used as formal communication. It is said most names of towns and characters are apparently derived from this language.
  • Gemen's original last name was "Gale" and Yukan's was "Bark", the two being the only actual surnames in consideration for characters.
  • Characters' abilities and jobs actually contribute to their names, as their names are derived from the language that these things originated from.
    • For instance, Scalzo's name is derived from Italian as a reference to the Mafia, and Mitrap's first names are from Spanish as Mitrap himself takes on a Zoro-like spanish heratige.


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