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Vision (Originaly KeyHole Co.) also known as Vision studios is a Game Development Company based in Dallas Texas.Their first game was Zelda Maker for the Wii U. They are releasing a few more games in 2016 with some being unknown due to there withdrawing of the Fantendo Carnival Showcase in February after the first day. 


April 2016 relaunch

After withdrawing from the Fantendo Carnival Showcase 2016 in February 2016. The President and owner of the company decided to rebrand the company as a smaller studio and relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The name Vision was picked out and became the new name and quickly replaced the old name of KeyHole studios. The owner planned to announce the rest of the games for feedback. They are also thinking of joining in on the Fantendo 9th anniversary showcase saying that they want to try there best to do better than they did that day.

Coollogo com-13852116

The new logo for the re-branding of the comapany

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