i jump from every rooftop
so high so far to fall
i feel a million miles away
 i don’t feel any thing at all
Nine Inch Nails, 1,000,000

Vision is a Wii U, Hybrid Fusion and NextGen Bluevolt game developed by Twenty-Second Choice. It is a first person free roaming platform fighter. All of the music in the game is remixed from Nine Inch Nails songs.


The City is a city ruled by an oppressive government that severely censors information (including the actual name and location of the city itself) and restricts citizens rights. Their actions resulted in numerous rebellion factions forming amongst the citizens, each with their own reasons for standing against the government (and also frequently fighting amongst each other).

Rabbit is a member of one such faction, that aims to unite the factions to overthrow the government once and for all.


The gameplay of the game is based on Mirror's Edge, with the character being able to scale walls easily, use ziplines, and perform other parkour moves.


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