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Virus - Emergent Deity is a prequel to the Vicinity Saga, slated for 2016. It explains the backstory of how Virus became who he is in Cartoon Network: Legacy and Fantendo³.


There was once a family of gods. The mother, who controlled time, the father, who controlled space, and their four children, who controlled the elements. The oldest, Afterburn, controlled the elements of fire. The second oldest, Bounding, controlled the elements of water. The second youngest, Flora, controlled the elements of nature. Finally, the youngest sibling, Virus, controlled the elements of electricity.

However, a war broke out in the realm from which they came. The family chose the side of an unknown enemy, thinking he could help them. When the enemy lost the war, however, the opposing leader took all of the survivors from his side and decided to punish them for "their sins." He said that he would spare the family as long as they gave him one of their members. The family, being cowards, chose to give away Virus. The leader horribly deformed his appearance, striped him of most of his god-like abilities, and sent him down to the year 2016.

Virus now plans revenge against his family, but will need to take great steps to get there. He currently resides in society, participating in freak shows and acting like a fast food mascot. The Fan has sent enemies to go down to Earth and try to kill Virus, and now Virus must fight against the leader and his enemies...including his own family.

Despite the dark plot, MeGa eXal and DoodleFox hope to add moments of comedy in the game, along with making the setting of the game take itself less seriously.


The game is similar to games like Infamous. Virus can shoot electric blasts at foes and travel through wires. He can fuse with an enemy and take control of it as well. The only enemies he can do this to are the mini-bosses and bosses of the game.

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