You're telling me I get to fight once again? With unknown opponents? Goody goody gumdrops!

Virus SI Classic
Virus' canon artwork by Shadow Inferno.
Full Name Virus
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth Beginning Of Time
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Male
Species  ???
Location  ???
Current Status Alive
Class Villain(?)
Ability/ies Teleportation, time traveling, electricity
Vulnerable To Water
Height 6'11"
Voice Actor(s)
Tom Kane
Virus is the main antagonist of the Vicinity Saga, a collaboration between Lone Planet Productions and Icy Cold Gaming Industries. His origins are unknown, but he is feared for terrorizing several universes in an attempt to destroy them. He likes to call himself an "emergent deity", since he is rising from the ashes of his devastating past.


Virus is normally very sarcastic, and doesn't mind being a deity at all... in fact, he finds it really "cool". When he destroys things, he disguises his anger and thinks of it as one enormous joke.

Potentially, Virus can be so irritated that he can go wild, losing all control of his mind and his powers. However, he does have a secret soft side that he almost never brings up.


Since he is a deity, Virus has powers surpassing most mortal races. He can travel through any timeline, and mess it up however he wants. He also has electric powers, which allow him to shock opponents, hack any electric item, and even travel inside computers, phones, and gaming systems. Virus can teleport anywhere, although he usually teleports short distances from whatever he's facing.

He can force a fusion on anyone, as seen in Cartoon Network: Legacy.


This is the theme that plays whenever Virus appears.

The Waiting Virus (Extended)

The Waiting Virus (Extended)



  • Virus has been hinted at before by his creator, DoodleFox.
  • Despite being a deity, Virus considers himself something less than a deity, but more than a mortal.
  • He has appeared in Fantendo Sports Resort as 3.14's doppleganger, but he has a more minor role.
  • His favorite holidays are "Doomsday" and, oddly enough, Christmas.
  • Virus is rude to anyone around him, because as he states, he is "too good for mortal people."
  • His past was originally a mystery even to him, but this idea was scrapped because it made him seem "edgy".
  • Virus appears in a small cameo-like role in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory; his imagery is used for the Joy Meal from Virusburger that is seen in Rat Burglar's art.