This are the worlds of Virtual Virus: Sneezy's First Mission

World Level Description
Swamp Forest 1-1 This level is a tutorial level. Basic things will be learned. No pets are encountered here.
Swamp Forest 1-2 This level makes use of the Blue Berry to dig through the level.
Swamp Forest 1-3 Here does Peter make an appearance. It is an sky level with Cloudo's. Sneezy must use the Yellow Firefly to make Beanstalks and ropes to traverse through the level.
Swamp Forest 1-4 This is a level where Sneezy can infect enemies, so he can make a big army. Bruce is encountered for the first time in this level.
Swamp Forest 1-Boss This is the bossfight with Prima and Poo.
Kidney Cave 2-1 Here Sneezy does not get any pets, and must avoid the Toeths.
Kidney Cave 2-2 Sneezy must find the keys in the mud with the digging ability of Peter.
Kidney Cave 2-3 A maze: Peter must, with the help of the Red Firefly, hit switches in order to open new paths to the end of this level.
Kidney Cave 2-4 Sneezy must claw much enemies in this level, so he can battle the boss with enough enemies.
Kidney Cave 2-Boss This is the Bossfight with Flambat.
Feet Vulcano 3-1 A level where Sneezy must solve various puzzles to proceed.
Feet Vulcano 3-2 Toothie is encountered, altough without power-ups, he can use his lenght to go through the lava.
Feet Vulcano 3-3 Peter makes his return. Now he has to dig through magmamud.
Feet Vulcano 3-4 Sneezy must claw as much enemies possible, also the 2nd fight with Bruce is fought here.
Feet Vulcano 3-Boss This is the Bossfight with Magmite.
Belly Beach 4-1 Here, Sneezy must dig keys out with Peters ability.
Belly Beach 4-2 Toothie must throw his bodyparts to reach the end of the level.
Belly Beach 4-3 Toothie must launch Sneezy to a skylevel, and then Sneezy must do the level alone.
Belly Beach 4-4 Sneezy must do this level without pets. He needs to use Cloudo's to fly to the end while clawing incoming Pidgies.
Belly Beach 4-Boss The Bossfight with Sir Pin
Eye Ocean 5-1 A level on a pirateship. It is a puzzle filled stage, where the Red Firefly has a big role.
Eye Ocean 5-2 A rafting level where enemies fall on the raft. At the end, there is a waterfall.
Eye Ocean 5-3

A pirateship level again, but Toothie has to launch Sneezy to different pirateships

Eye Ocean 5-4

A level without pets. An Atlantisstyled level with much Hits.

Eye Ocean 5-Boss The Bossfight with Sqhit.
Infection Intercity 6-1 A level with cars driving around that hit Sneezy. No pet is appearing here, but the cars can help Sneezy to traverse the level fast.
Infection Intercity 6-2 Peter must use his Yellow Firefly ability to swing across buildings. Bruce is encountered here
Infection Intercity 6-3 A level where Toothie must use his Red Berry ability to swing Sneezy in busses and on cars, as the normal road is full of traffic.
Infection Intercity 6-4 A level where Sneezy must jump from car to car while infecting enemies.
Infection Intercity 6-Boss This is the Bossfight with Barfy Bulldog.
Fever Factory 7-1 A level where Peter must hit switches with his Red Firefly ability to shut down obstacles. It is a level full with conveyerbelts.
Fever Factory 7-2 A level where Toothie must use his Yellow Berry ability to stop the stamping machines so Sneezy can go under.
Fever Factory 7-3 Sneezy must use the Sneeze Flower to disable machines in this level.
Fever Factory 7-4 A level with much enemies and conveyor belts so Sneezy can make a big army.
Fever Factory 7-Boss This is the bossfight with the Megavitamin Mecha and Eddroid
Lung Laboratory 8-1 A level with relatively less obstacles, but the enemies cannot be infected.
Lung Laboratory 8-2 Peter must use his Yellow Firefly ability to evade the security. When a enemy sees you it is Game Over.
Lung Laboratory 8-3 Pretty much the same, but Peter is catched and Sneezy has to do it alone. Hiding behind plants is key!
Lung Laboratory 8-4 A level where Slamonella has send ALL Cells in the game to this level.
Lung Laboratory 8-Boss This is the bossfight with Slamonella and his robotcopy. Brucya reveals herself after the last fight. After that, the player has to assemble the Black Fever as Brucya, which has been stolen by Fawful and is located in Outer Space.
Outer Space 9-1 Toothie has to dig through planets for parts of the stolen Black Fever.
Outer Space 9-2 Peter digs for the keys to the Space Castle Fawful has made.
Outer Space 9-Boss This is the Bossfight against Midbus and Fawful.

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