Virtual Virus: Digits in Distress
Developer(s) Chill and Fever
Genre(s) platformer, RPG
Media Included Wii U optical disk
Available Input Wii U Gamepad

Virtual Virus: Digits in Distress is the second game of the Virtual Virus series and takes place after Virtual Virus: Sneezy's First Mission.


After Slamonella's defeat in the first game, he finds some of Eddy's data in his database and invented a machine that combines the data from Eddy and a teleporter and that could kidnap Eddy from a distance. He tested it and Eddy appeared in the computer. He than realized that the data of Princess Butterfly was still in the computer too. After much loading and flashes... The Princess was converted in the computer too. Meanwhile in the Swamp Forest, a story was telled about the mysterious Twistpoints that appear on the villains. It's told that the old Tribemen combined their inner powers to create a spell that could tell of someone is a villain or not. The Twistpoints where born. Then a kid comes running up to tell about the kidnapping of the Princess... more coming.


Most characters of the first game left because they were afraid of an second attack of Slamonella.

Character Bio Unlocked Stats
Sneezy Sneezy has grown up from an little boy to an legend! He is just as naive as always, however. Available at start
Lizzy Lizzy is the friend of Sneezy. She is a real girl, as she can be very annoying, and likes to call Sneezy names for fun. Availible at start
Franky Franky is very analistic in nature. He Googles for every little choice he has to make, except for how to dance, as he always chooses the boogie. He tends to be very sarcatic to Lizzy. Availible at start.
Cray Cray is a boy which loves to draw. He has made his own character named SpiCell which is a mix between a spider and a Cell.
Apresskey Apresskey is a good friend of Franky, but talks very weird. (Such as: 'I am error') and is a good mountainclimber. He is the opposite of Franky, but they are good friends.
Yollow Yollow is a teenage boy which loves to take risks. He has been fooled by several enemies to go to Maggie, because he would be rewarded with money. Then Maggie captured him. He is allergic to kittens
Waren Waren is the friend of Yollow. He tries to discover everything dangerous too, but is smarter then Yollow. He was curious about the cave he saw, but was caught by the Mice.
Wherthar Wherthar is the grandfather of Waren which is obseded by weather. He always must find Warren and bring him home. He is a sensei karate, which is needed, because Warren is always on a dangerous place. When he searched for Warren, he saw the Ocean Tunnel, which he entered. He got captured then by Plowseidon then.
Lank Witz Lank is the brother of Franky, and is a professor, he can speak many languages and always corrects ones grammar in a conversation. As he is so smart, Slamonella captured him, and gave him to his dog.
Schatach Originally from Ireland, Scatach is a cute girl whose mother is Dutch and whose father is Irish. She can fight very good. She hates to get wet, so Slamonella caught her and caged her in Stickfishes' Base. Some people say she seems to be very old....




Toothie and Peter both return. There is one new pet: Parker, a parrot.


Toothie is an Pokey, which can change height to dodge enemies.


Peter returns with the same ability as in the first game


Parker can lift Sneezy to higher places and can tell Sneezy about the world.

Image Used By Power-Up Effect
Transform nav balloon active ToothyToothie Blue Berry Let's Toothie drill through yellow mud
Berry Red ToothyToothie Red Berry Let's Toothie launch Sneezy to let him reach hidden places. The player can use the Wii U Gamepad to move the cursor.
Transform nav light active ToothyToothie Yellow Berry Let's Toothy throw his bodyparts to use as platforms. The player can tap the place the platform needs to go on the Wii U Gamepad.
Navi Firefly Peter Blue Firefly Let's Peter dig through black mud. Wheras Toothie's ability is used to advance to the next part of the level, Peter can pick up special items while he is digging. His route can be drawed on the Wii U Gamepad.
Leaf Firefly Peter Red Firefly Let's Peter run around, leaving Sneezy behind, so he can hit switches. His route can be drawed on the Wii U Gamepad.
Ciela Firefly Peter Yellow Firefly Let's Peter change himself in a Beanstalk, or in a rope for going over a pit.
TBA Parker Blue Seed Let's Parker give an hint about how a hard portion of an level must be cleared.
TBA Parker Red Seed Let's Parker flap extra high, being able to reach more places.
TBA Parker Yellow Seed Parker is now able to defeat enemies and hit switches by squawking.


World Level Description
Swamp Forest TBA TBA
Rocky Top TBA TBA
Volcano Inside TBA TBA
Shortcut Cave TBA TBA
Ocean Tunnel TBA TBA
New Barf City TBA TBA
Stickfishes' Base TBA TBA
Slamonella's Hideout TBA TBA


Boss Description Fought in
The Pipey Piranhas The Pipey Piranha's consist of Prima, Pari, Pree and Pour Piranha. They are 4 Piranha Plants stuck in a pipe. They all love eachother, so they do not want that Sneezy does part them. Swamp Forest
Rick Roll Rick Roll thinks he is really cool because so many people look to him. He does not know that he has a pimple on his face. He always says: 'You have been Rick Rolled' if he defeats someone. He is sad because he cannot do an Victory Dance as he is a rock. Rocky Top
Maggie McMagmite Maggie is the little daughter of Magmite, and is just as her mother. She is a real Sleeping Beauty and is mad if Sneezy interrupts her beautysleep. Inside the Volcano
Papa Mouser Papa Mouser is the king of the Mousers. He wants to keep the Shortcut Cave for the Mousers. He likes Bridging, and thinks that the sun is deadly. Shortcut Cave
Plowseidon Plowseidon is a grumpy old crab and the owner of the Ocean Tunnel. He has got a bag of money from Slamonella to stop Sneezy and likes the contact with the one he must guard. Ocean Tunnel
Bucky Bulldog The little puppy of Slamonella is guarding the entrance to the Stickfishes Base. She is treated not well, making her agressive. New Barf City
The Big Lion 1.0 Made by Simon Stickfish, The Big Lion is the result of living underground for 500 years without dying. King StickFishes Base
Simon StickFish A big soldier, working for Napoleon which wants revenge for the Chill, which has killed all his troops. Living underground for 500 years leaves him to invent the MegaVitamin. He operates at the same time as Slamonella King Stickfishes Base
MegaVitamin Mecha 2.0 Releasing more deadly pills than his prequel, Sneezy must dodge every pill, and must shoot the Black Fever back at him to hurt him. Slamonella's Hideout

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