Virtual Virus
Virtual Bowser NSMBVR
Virtual Bowser, a clone of Bowser, created by the Virtual Virus.
Full Name Virtual Virus
Location Unknown
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Move Copying

The Virtual Virus is a living virus that appears as the main antagonist in New Super Mario Bros. VR. It has the ability to clone characters by infecting them and copying their DNA. If the virus affects something and doesn't create a clone, it can do strange things, such as make Princess Peach float to Bowser's Castle under it's control and make Goombas have the ability to chase Mario.



New Super Mario Bros. VR

The Virtual Virus makes it's first, and so far only, appearance in New Super Mario Bros. VR. In the introduction, it is revealed that Bowser somehow discovered the Virtual Virus and used it to preform a virtual kidnap, by getting Bowser Jr. to drug Princess Peach's tea with the virus. She then floats away and the Mario Bros. chase after her. Soon however, the virus takes over Bowser's minions and his castle, booting him out, along with Jr. They team up with Mario and Luigi to stop the virus. Though the game, the four battle a Virtual Bowser Jr. after it infected them back at the castle. Mario and Luigi are soon infected and virtual versions of him are battled. Near the end of the game, Virtual Bowser appears as the final boss, but Peach is infected by the Virtual Virus as well and ends up the true final boss. At the end of the game, the Virtual Virus is destroyed.

Mario's Ace

Virtual Mario appears in Mario's Ace as an unlockable character. He has a special advantage called "Virtual Luck" where he has 10% more of a chance to win.

Super Mario World 3: A Galaxy Quest

Virtual Mario and Virtual Luigi appears as the boss of the Acidiong planet, depending which character the player chooses, the player can fight Virtual Mario or Virtual Luigi.