The Virtual Console, is a feature of the Nintendo Omini console, similar to the one included on the Wii, 3DS, and Wii. A similar category is included in the brother console of the Omini, the Nintendo Omega. It allows people to buy older games from other consoles as downloadable games for the Omini.


The VC of the Omini has it's own rating system.

FG(Family Game): A game for all. Most Mario games are this.

AK(Amateur Kids): A bit of violence or crude humor.

ST(Suited for Teenagers): Maybe inapropriate refrences or small inappropriate content alongside with moderate violence and some swear words.

YAO(Young Adult Only): Mature. Some sexual content, lots of gore, violence, and heavy swearing.


  • Donkey Kong: Avoid the barrels! Jump! Save Pauline! In this Nintendo classic you have to beat the big bad kong, DK in various levels.


Price: $0.99

  • Mario Kart Arcade GP: Race at high speed, this time with Pac-Man and friends alongside you!


Price: $4.00

  • Pac-Man: Boop-boop-boop! Eat pellets and fight ghosts in this classic adventure.


Price: $0.99

  • Mortal-Kombat: A tournament lies ahead. Do you dare to enter! In this classic from Midway fight your way through amazing foes in a gorey good time.


Price: $4.00



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