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Full Name The Nutcracker
Current Age 24
Date of Birth December 31
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Nutcastle
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
VF6TheNutcracker is a new character introduced in VF6. His fighting style is Shotokan.


Nutcracker has strings on his elbow and knees. He dons a rice hat, a light purple red striped jacket and purple short jeans. His nose is long too, so he resembles Pinocchio.


  • Combo 1: Nutcracker attacks by kicking once, and spin punching twice.
  • Combo 2: Nutcracker attacks by high kicking twice and straight kicking once.
  • Throw 1: Nutcracker grabs and headlocks the opponent to kick them in the face.
  • Throw 2: Nutcracker grabs the opponent's arms and breaks it then elbows their nuts.
  • Cracker: Nutcracker punches the opponent in the groin region, setting them up for a free hit.
  • Dashing Punch: Nutcracker dashes to the opponent and punches them.
  • Graceful Kick: Nutcracker gracefully backflip kicks the opponent.



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