The Mother UFO.
Full Name Virinus
Current Age Adult
Gender Female
Species Alien
Current Status Alive
Class Boss
Main Weapon(s) UFO
Ability/ies Shooting Lasers

Placing Traps

Eye color Black

Virinus is the second boss in Fierce Tales.


Virinus is an alien. She is green and has one antenna. She has two small legs she can barely use to walk, which leads her to crawl when out of her UFO. She has two black eyes. Virinus's UFO is black with a cannon under it.

Virinus's known to be a tyrant and plans on conquering the islands the game takes place in. She's said to not care about herself and her two sons, but she actually cares a lot about her sons and if they go missing she sends all her troops searching for them, leaving her kingdom vunerable. The elder son is not aware of this and spreads rumors about her treating him just like her robot slaves.


Virinus started out as an alien in an unknown planet. For an unknown reason, she left with her two sons in an UFO and reached Fierce Tales's planet. She found an island in the middle of the sea and placed a Monolith there, making everything in the island mechanical. She then started to conquer other islands until she reached Koto Coast, in which she then declared herself a queen and named her kingdom Cyberlith.

When you join the Night Crew in Fierce Tales, Carapar asks you and the other members to stop her because she was charging an army which might have conquered the Koto Coast and a large part of the Koto Jungle if she wasn't stopped. However, Virinus's thankfully stopped by the Night Crew.

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