Viralsearch is a video game series created by L.J.S. (LLR).


Near the beginning of time in either a far away galaxy or another dimension, two planets still with primitive and microscopic life crash into each other. They had different climates and despite the harm done the planets miraculously survive and allow new life to form since the planets had the chemicals to create life. The two planets become one, Pasiedes and life evolves near the equator of the planet. There are two dominant species, one near the Northern part of the Equator and one in the Southern, the Posunians and the Sadians. The Posunians live near the south while the Sadians live in the North. While the Sadians used some fossil fuels, solar energy and labor the Posunians used water energy, wind energy and used snow and rain as sources of water rather than simply getting it from the ocean because to them it was "pure". Due to a conflict in the past both species hate each other and through time they create stories about staying away from each other. This comes to the point of claiming the opposite species is a myth and doesn't exist or that the opposite species are monsters. The king of the Sadians, King Marus Ralo, uses his technology for a dark plan. A genetic cloning device to mutate beings to have his exact DNA, The Hecate Morpher which mutates any organism into another through complex DNA mutations. He kidnaps and invades areas of the Posunians and uses the machine to turn them into semi-Sadians. He then puts the technology om him to become somewhat of a cyborg. Now he uses this technology to finally finish the conflict of what they started. Later in the city of Helphin a Posunian by the name of Christopher "Chrisy" sees the invasion happening. After his obsession and dream of becoming a hero he turns up with his friends, Emilia, Robert and Davis to go on a dangerous journey. Since the Sadians created their own pathway to the Ponsunian civilization they go in the opposite direction, going straight to the wild. As they journey out they fight many dangerous threats and even things both species didn't know about.


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