Violetta in Mario Kart Survivor.


Violetta-Solo Art

Violetta is a Ruler of the Neo 50' City.

She have a Amulet of Revenge what is used in the MKSv.

Ruler of Neo 50' City
Current Age 13
Date of Birth 31/12/1999
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Female
Location Neo 50' City

Mushroom Kingdom

Current Status Alive
Class Ruler
Main Weapon(s) Amulet of Revenge
First Appearance Mario Kart Survivor


Violetta use a ribbon green and purple,eye teal,dress green,hair yellow,not wears earrings,and crown is purple.


She is half lunatic for fights,and too clumsy.

Games Appears

She appears in Mario Kart Survivor how Surprise Characters and your kart is Sweet Standart.

Also,she appears in Mario Carnival Sports Mix how unlockable.



Violetta born in the last day of age 1999 or new age.

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