Violetchi and Kizatchi are characters from the Tamagotchi series. This picture above shows about theirselves,parents,and their pet.

Violetchi: She is a flower Tamagotchi, her name in japenese is Furawatchi and she's colored pink.However,in amaricans,she was colored purple.

Kizatchi: He is a brother of Violetchi. The word kiza was meaning snobery,because his personaity.He is a white colored Tamagotchi with orcid leaves spouting on his head and he also were's a scaf.

Puzzle on!

Violetchi,and her brother,Kizatchi were playtable in Warioware:puyo pop.

Run Run Mode

Violetchi and Kizatchi want to get a treat(that they never seened before.),because that want to try some! However.Reportchi told them to beat their traning first.At the end,they finnished their traning,so Reportchi gives them a treat,and they tackle Reportchi to try some!

Waku Waku mode

The next morning,they woke and suddenly,they have an awful hicups! Violetchi and Kizatchi are qusting to find the way to pervent their awful hicups from their treats they ate.At the end,a young girl named Penny cygor found the way to get rit of hicups is going asleep on those comphy plastic bubbles.Violetchi realized these can get rit of an awful hicups for 6 days,Then she and her brother went to sleep on bubbles.

Hara Hara mode

After their awful hicups vanished,there's somthing wrong to them, was their tummies,because they haven't eat anything for 6 days(It was a bad day for them).So Violetchi and her brother,Kizatchi went to another qust to find food for them.When they made it to a buffit,A wonder boy named Young Cricket and his master,Mantis were challenging Violetchi and Kiztchi to a puyo pop dual.At the end,Young Cricket relized,both Violetchi and Kizatchi were starving.So he gave them a tin full of yummy asian sticky bread.Both Violetchi and her brother Kizatchi thank Young Cricket and Master Mantis so much about giving their food at last!

Power moves
  • Seaweed smash:Violetchi spins her brother with water.
  • Flower jax: Violetchi and her brother Kizatchi jump on from daisy to daisy.
  • Squirt down: Violetchi jump on top of her brother's tummy and made him squirt water out of him mouth.
  • Magic of spring: Violetchi and Kizatchi both spin togather to make flowers bloom.
  • Super finish: Violetchi and Kizatchi made all the blosoms fall one by one.

Super Smash Bros. (series)


Violetchi and Kizatchi also appears in Super Smash Bros. Dungeon: Angelic and Demonic Rescue Team as playtable characters. However, these two were not together, instead, they were the characters that can be selected depending the person's personailty or being chosen for a person's chioce.

Kiddnaped and Brain washed!

They all appear in game the game called Purpleverse: Child of Lightning from Litle P and Sandslash Series as Villains (when brainwashed by Sunnyscythe) along with their parents, their pet, Mametchi and the others.

Puzzling again!?

In Spintendo twister, Violetchi appears as a Playable character.However, It's unknown if her brother Kizatchi was or not. But he'll appear somtime or beyond.