Violet the Kitty is a game for the wii aquamarine. It is a puzzle game that is about a cat that wants to get its food by doing several tasks.

Storyline & Gameplay

Violet the Kitty is in her room dancing. She then goes over to her food bowl, but its empty. Her owner walks into her room and says "The cat competition is coming. Now you have to do amazing stuff to get your food to train". "I've put 8 food cans in each room of the house. You must complete tasks in order to get this.".. Little does he know that the other people participating in the competition have set monsters and bosses in it to stop Violet from being the best.

The view is like in rpgs, with you looking above violet. The main goal is to complete every room's food can quest and boss. There are power ups and obstacles. The main thing is the puzzles, where there is atleast one per food can quest, where thinking is required. You play as violet, of course. You meet friends along the way that will give you advice and will use a special ability if you cycle through friends by pressing x and pressing a on the one that you want to use, then pressing y when you want to use it. You can use these whenever you want, but certain friends are banned in certain levels.


Pat the Dog

This dog is unlocked as a friend after beating room 1- the living room. Pat is a jolly ol' fellow, always happy and loves everyone. His special friend move is "Pat Pounce" where he is summoned and jumps in the air in the direction violet is looking. You can direct where he lands. Any enemies standing in the spot he lands in will be destroyed. He is also very heavy, so this'll activate pat pads that can't be activated by violet.

Advice:Pat gives you advice about the "Milk Pump" power-up- "I've heard that you are competing in a cat contest, eh? Well, golly, I LOVE watching those, Violet! So you have to complete tasks to train so you can get your food? Well, I've seen some Milk Pumps lying around, and boy, are they fun to use! You can shoot them with R, and suck the milk back into the pump with L! The milk can push back enemies and fill up milk tanks! Make sure to suck the milk back up with L though, because you have a limited supply of milk. You might be able to find a bottle of milk on the ground to fill up your milk pump, though!

Ollie the Owl

Ollie the Owl can pick up Violet and carry her around as his friend move, letting her traverse over brown walls and certain enemies, but only for 5 seconds before crashing. Ollie is a wise but young owl, being a strong guy but has some trouble flying for long periods. He is unlocked after room 2- the dining room.

Advice: Ollie gives advice about the tail sugar: "Hoo Hoo! Hi Violet! Pat told me about your cat contest! It sounds fun, but I heard that those darn Mice are infesting this place! What a tragedy! I heard about something called "Tail Sugar". It is supposed to solve wind puzzles and push back those pesky mice! Yeah, get 'em mice! While your at it, here is a tip: If a Fire Bird shoots a fireball at you, activate it and the fire will turn into a open flame and wave the fire bird like a wave! Yeah, destroy that fire bird!

Snoopy the Snake


Woolson the Sheep


Peggy The Pig


Tammy Turtle



Milk PumpThe Milk Pump can shoot milk. The milk that is shot can fill up Milk Jugs, making them heavier. With this, Violet can solve puzzles with scales. The R key shoots the milk. The milk can also push enemies back, making them be pushed into traps and also solving puzzles. You need to press L to pull in all milk around you, if its from a milk bottle or on the ground from you spraying it. This acts as ammo that you can't go without. Milk Bottles can be found, which can fill up your milk pump.

Tail SugarThis makes your tail rapidly spin for 8 seconds, causing a huge wind storm, allowing you to push back enemies and solve wind-related puzzles.

Claw CarrotThis gives you sharper claws, letting you climb surfaces that are rough, like couches and scratching posts.

Rainbow Ocarina A extremely rare item. It summons Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue (All are cats) to dash across the screen with violet in the color that their name represents (Red's is red, Green's is green, ect.), destroying all enemies on screen.


. Gray Mice Gray Mice are the normal enemies, killing you/making you lose your powerup when touched. Stay in place and don't move.

Bomb-Armor MiceBomb-Armor Mice will dash towards you and try to explode, killing you/making you lose your powerup if caught in the explosion. You can lure them into a place and make them explode a blocked area, letting you pass. You can escape when they freeze in place for 2 seconds to explode.

Fire Bird Fire Birds will fly above you and try to shoot fireballs at you. The fireballs will kill you/make you lose your powerup if you get touched by a fireball. You may need them to solve ice themed puzzles (Melting Ice)

Ice Bird Ice Birds act like fire birds, but instead of fireballs they shoot iceballs, and the iceballs will freeze you for 3 seconds instead of killing you/making you lose your powerup. You may need to use them for fire-themed puzzles (Extinguishing Fire)

Super Belly-Rubber This is a robotic hand. Stay away from it at all costs, because if it touches you, you automatically die. It only stays in one spot though.

The Jukebox Man This guy is a jukebox with legs. He will play a LOUD song, and if you are within the range of a shockwave thats around it, you will lose your power-up or die. You might be able to get them near a special pipe which transports music so you can solve puzzles.


The Living Room

  • Stage 1- A simple stage where you need to blow up a wall using a bomb mouse.
  • Stage 2- Another simple stage where you have to use a Ice Bird to freeze a Gray Mouse above a pressure pad, so they fall down and activate the pad.

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