Violet Palate
Full Name Violet Palate
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Location Firefly Town
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Aura's Junkyard

Violet Palate is a female human resident of Firefly Town on the planet Junkyard. Like Aura Synesthesia, her girlfriend, Violet can shift into several alternate forms known as Auras. However, she only has six Auras as opposed to Aura's ten, and they are based on various types of food rather than colors. Violet's Auras also have their own unique personalities, appearances, and abilities.


Violet was found by the Palate family at an unusually young age compared to most of Junkyard's residents as she was only around four months old at the time. Her Auras began to appear on her third birthday, starting with her Bread form. She met Aura this year, and they befriended each other due to their similar abilities. She gained new Auras on her birthday every year after that, stopping after her ninth birthday.

Her parents also got a divorce this year for a reason still unknown to Violet, and she went on a schedule back and forth from their houses for a while. Her father was remarried, but he became somewhat abusive a few years later, slightly depressing Violet. Despite this, she remained optimistic with Aura constantly trying to cheer her up, causing Violet to develop romantic feelings for her. When she was fifteen, Violet decided to stay with her mother permanently, and hasn't seen her father since. She also revealed her feelings for Aura this year. At age seventeen, Violet assisted Aura on her journey to dethrone King Pinn and restore order to Junkyard.


In her normal form, Violet has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair is tied up in a ponytail, and she also wears a headband. She wears a light pink dress and black high heels as well as a watch. She also has an amulet around her neck in the shape of a basic food pyramid, similar to the oval shapes on Aura's dress. She wears socks that have a faint light blue coloring. The colors of her hair, dress, and eyes alter along with her Auras. These colors consist of light brown for her Bread form, red for Fruit, green for Vegetable, dark brown for Meat, white for Dairy, and pink for Sweet. Her headband also gains a piece connected to it with each form, resembling a short loaf of bread, an apple, a piece of broccoli, a small T-bone steak, a piece of cheese, and a cupcake respectively. Her dress is replaced by a tee shirt and skirt in her Meat form, and she also dons white leggings in her Dairy form.

Additionally, Violet needs glasses while reading in any of her forms.




  • The appearance of Violet's normal form was vaguely inspired by Nastasia from Super Paper Mario.