Violet Batwing Parma, also known as Violet, is a main playable character in the Gumball the Dog (series). Violet is a purple anthropomorphic rabbit/bat whose role is an anti hero and as Candy's rival. She made her first appearance in Sweet 66.

Violet Batwing Parma
Full Name Violet Batwing Parma
Current Age 14
Date of Birth 3rd October 1998
Gender Female
Species Rabbit/Bat
Location Toffee Town
Current Status Alive
Class Anti Hero
Main Weapon(s) Fangs, Wings
First Appearance Sweet 66
Latest Appearance Gumball: Gobstopper Quest


Violet is a 14 year old anthropomorphic purple rabbit/bat who has long, straight, black hair similar to the style of Cleopatra's and she has beady red eyes that seem to glow somewhat. Violet like mosts others wears no clothes whatsoever, but she wears a pair of purple sneakers with skulls on them, interestingly, like Gumball, she only has shoes whereas other characters tend to have a few other things they wear such as glasses, but she does not. Violet has a white stomach and she is an average weight but she is quite tall. She usually looks quite lonely or quiet and longing for company.


Personality wise, Violet is very similar to Stitch. Violet is a quite, lonely character who seems to always long for company, she seems to like Stitch in a way, possibly because they might of gone through a bad thing, ever since a kid, Violet was always picked on by other rabbits, who thought she was weird because she had wings and were very mean, one of these was Candy, possibly being why they dislike eachother. Violet seems to be quite mysterious aswell as Stitch too, but there is more to learn about Violet than Stitch.

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