Violet in Dimensional Destruction
Full Name Violet
Current Age Undetermined.
Date of Birth April 16
Zodiac Sign Aries
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) Kitana
Princess Violet
First Appearance The Temple of Dreams
Latest Appearance Dimensional Destruction
Violet is a classic character who makes her latest appearance in Dimensional Destruction, with a new design.


She was one of the main antagonists in The Temple of Dreams series. Violet is a Princess hailing from Lila Manor, and she has been known for having a streak in her that is completely hungry for power and glory. She has purple hair and purple eyes, and a purple dress to match the rest of the attire. 


Violet is very self centered, and enjoys being the center of attention. Due to this nature, she ends up being the villain in most cases as she tries to align with the side that means more attention for her. 


She uses her two blades to slice her enemies with absolute perfection, she is also known to secretly carry a kitana which resides in a pocket unnoticeable at the back of her dress for those situations where it may be needed to keep enemies at bay.


Dimensional Destruction

She appeared in Chapter 07 as a boss character.




  • Violet is not a princess, this is simply a defence mechanism she uses in daily life.