Violent types is also a new series (following up on 8 Mario Villians and 2 Pokemon) which is about 10 heroes fighting against an aggron to save all Mario characters, end the war and free the Pokemon.

I actually kept this since 2015, so yeah.



The main protagonist of the series and usually one of the mario characters surviving the attack of the aggron. He is also the love interest of cackletta (well that's what all people say) and also mayor fireburn's hero.


The Second character of the series and the member of the violent types. She is also the love interest for antasma and is the most funny one out of the group. She can be protective at times, but also a little too of that.


The third character and cackletta's assistant since Mario and luigi: superstar saga. He is a beanish just like his boss and is the member of the violent types.

Shadow queen

The 4th member and the character for the series. She was the final boss in paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, but also became a hero when farina aggron unleashed his true power to the world.


The 5th member and the successor for Vivian. He seems to have the power to trick farina's into thinking it's them.

Count Bleck

The 6th member and timpani's boyfriend since super paper Mario. He usually always seems to send his enemies into another dimension.


The 7th member and also a henchman for count bleck. He betrayed him since the game, but now became a hero when he survived the attack.

Mr. L

The 8th member of the violent types and an evil clone of luigi. He then became a member after the attack and left his old self behind, but also never says never and can never run away from a fight. But he also smart out of the others.

Verne the Noivern

The 9th member and a fugitive noivern. He ran away from the Pokemon world after he saw the apocalypse happen where farina aggron was responsible.

Excel The Shiny Absol

The 10th and final member of the violent types and also a fugitive absol. He and Verne ran away from farina and his soldiers after the apocalypse.

Firecoon Mario

The older brother of electafox luigi and a mentor to the violent types. He knows a lot about combat and can tell the difference between his enemies and his allies.

Electafox Luigi

The younger (but Taller) brother of firecoon Mario and also helps his brother with the mentoring for the violent types. He usually turns violent when he couldn't control himself, causing him to go on a rampage.

Also suffers from bipolar disorder (just a joke, shouldn't be taken seriously) and PTSD.

Mayor Fireburn

The mayor for Pokemon city and a rapidash. He has a secretary, which is a female Glaceon. He also enjoys hanging out with president snap.

President Snap

The president of Pokemon city and a rayquaza. He also has a secretary, which is also a female Pokemon, but this time a Jigglypuff, and usually hangs out with mayor Fireburn.

Kymeria the jigglypuff

A secretary for snap and also a friendly rival of shiny the Glaceon. She usually never makes her appearances in any episode, only in some.

Shiny the glaceon

A secretary for Fireburn and also a friendly rival of Kymeria. She makes all of her appearances in episodes.


Farina aggron

The main antoganist of the series and also the one who was responsible for the apocalypse. He also has 3 henchmen, who are really dumb by the way.

Stapler the Scrafty

Farina aggron's henchman and the oldest out of the 3. He usually has great plans, but rain and starmy never follow them.

Rain The Lucario

The middle one out of the 3 and one of farina's henchmen. He sometimes is usually dumb at times, never follows stapler's plans and messes with starmy. He also is always bosses around by starmy and stapler.

Starmy The Sableye

The youngest one out of the 3 and farina aggron's Henchwoman. She usually bosses around rain and never has feelings for stapler anyway. They're like brothers and sister.

The evolute Hunters

Eeveon The Eevee

The leader of the evolute hunters and an evee. He sometimes wants farina and his army to give them cash for their reward for trying to kill the violent types, but farina tricks him.

Darkmor the Umbreon

The 2nd member and Eeveon's right-hand man. He also was revealed to be Tina's lover, but the theory is still unknown today.

Glace The Glaceon

The 3rd member and Eeveon's henchman. He was revealed to be Shiny's brother, but that's also unkown.

Tina the Espeon

The 4th member and Eeveon's minion. She appears to be darkmor's lover, but it could be true or not to other people.

Fland The Flareon

The 5th member and Eeveon's minion as well. He enjoys setting things on fire, which cause eeveon the daily hijincks In the army.

Jolter The Jolteon

The 6th Member and the one in charge of stealing goods from places. He also is very good at fixing things using his electrocuting powers.

Tide The Vaporeon

The 7th member and Eeveon's secretary. She enjoys bathing herself in water and she doesn't like the sun. She has the ability of causing floods, drowning people, creating tsunamis, tidal waves and summoning marine animals.

Sylvia The Sylveon

The 8th member and the maid for Eeveon. She enjoys cleaning because she thinks she'll earn the respect from her boss and also has feelings for him. She also has the ability to tie her enemies and trick them.

Leaf The Leafeon

The 9th member and the herd cat for Eeveon. He enjoys nature and the fresh air. He also uses his ability of leaf tornado, Flower blooming and also calling for wild animals.


The setting for the series takes place in the year 4000, Pokemon city and usually in villian lairs. Sometimes when antasma decided to run away like the others, he got into this year and that was how the violent types was made.

About the Apocalypse

Apparently the apocalypse started when farina aggron saw Mario characters catching Pokemon. Arceus denied it and told him that they needed to learn self-defense from them, but farina aggron disagreed and got furious. He then captured every Mario character and turned them into Pokemon.

Verne and excel ran away, and the 8 Mario villians survived.


  • One of the bosses named sleuth is actually O'chunks. He was renamed sleuth because he fought the army of pokemonized Mario characters, but failed and was captured by farina aggron.
  • Shiny's family is unknown.
  • The main villian was monseiur nidoran, but after his death, I changed the villian.

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