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Viola (Conscript)
Full Name Viola
Current Age 27
Date of Birth August 6
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Rededemia
Align Lawful Good
Current Status Alive
Class Cowgirl
Main Weapon(s) Revolvers
Ability/ies Expert Marksmanship
Vulnerable To Blinding
Height 5ft 8in
Weight 140 lbs
Sexuality Straight
First Appearance Conscript
Latest Appearance Conscript
Series Conscript
Family and Relations
Little Miss Sharpshooter

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Who's ready to rumble with the Little Miss Sharpshooter?

Viola is a playable character in Conscript.

Official Bio

The very first person who entered the very first Conscript, Viola is a rootin' tootin' cowgirl who likes to shoot peoples' faces off. An expert marksman, she is ready face yet another challenger.

  • Interviewer: Hello, Viola.
  • Viola: Hi!
  • Interviewer: So, I'm gonna ask you a few questions.
  • Viola: Okay then.
  • Interviewer:Why do you want to win?
  • Viola: ...I, um, want to see Vance again.
  • Interviewer: Can you give us some facts about yourself?
  • Viola:  I came from Rededemia, I have 4 siblings, and I think cows are adorable.
  • Interviewer: Do you think you'll win this year?
  • Viola:  I'm very confident!
  • Interviewer: What are your worries about this year's Conscript?
  • Well, I might not win, and there's Olanee, she's a scary one.
  • Interviewer: Anything to say to your fellow competitors?
  • Viola: Good luck, everybody!


Viola came from a simple land living a modest life, but ever since competing in the Conscript, is known to be confident. While her skill justifies her pride, she can still slip up with her over-confidence, costing her victories.

She fights for the name of all that's good and fun, but when that sanctity is broken, she tries to seek justice and make things right. She is very considerate of others and cares for everybody, to an extent, even enemies. Viola's time at the Conscript has made this aspect of her stronger, witnessing evil and corruption every year.



Vance is Viola's older brother, someone that she's had for a role model her entire life. They are very close, and they often trained together. Vance's disappearance is what kept her motivated to participate in the Conscript every single year, which shows how unconditionally she loved her brother.


Viola has tried to convince Avarica and her mafia to change her ways to become morally good, but the latter has just ignored or waved her off time and time again. Viola has become a target of her mafia recently because she keeps bugging Avarica.

Cecilius and Tim Tim

Tim Tim, Viola and Cecilius are all very close friends who first met each other in their first Conscript.

Viola and Cecilius get along well. They like having long talks and look forward to seeing each other every year at The Conscript. Viola also seems fond of Cecilius for his gentlemanly charm.

Despite Tim Tim and Viola's age difference, they see each other as equals, something Tim Tim appreciates since he isn't taken seriously by most people because he's a little kid.

Flint Notokey

Because both have an affinity for accuracy and marksmanship, they have shared a competitive streak, trying to outdo each another as a challenge. Viola often does target practice with Flint.


Nihonus and Viola respect each other a lot, which is uncommon on Nihonus' part. They make an excellent team and they tend to have alliances in various Conscripts.


Viola is quite frightened by Olanee and goes out of her way to avoid her at all costs. Olanee, on the other hand, finds Viola's scent very appetising.


Hyacinth and Viola are accquaintances, but after she found out about Hyacinth's backstory, Viola feels obliged to become her mother figure, which annoys Hyacinth quite a bit.


Depending on how you play as Weiss throughout Story Mode, she will have different opinions on him.

  • If you constantly win fights and play nice: She will respect you as a fighter and as a person.
  • If you constantly win fights and act like a jerk: She will respect you as a fighter, but she'll be annoyed by you.
  • If you constantly lose fights and play nice: She will start to feel sorry for you and will try to baby you through battles.
  • If you constantly lose fights and act like a jerk: She will loathe and will not waste any time with you.
  • If your battle outcomes fluctuate and you play nice: She will think you're a worthy opponent.
  • If you battle outcomes fluctuate you act like a jerk: She will think you're a worthy opponent, but she'll be annoyed by you.


Viola's home planet is Rededemia, which is a mostly desert planet filled with people who call themselves "Cowboys" and "Cowgirls", something a person from Earth would call the Wild West". She led a simple life, but she has always had the heart of a hero, wanting to help others, so she became sheriff at an early age and enforced the law wherever she went. Stopping crimials became too easy however, and she wanted a challenge, so when she heard of a mysterious arena that counts down to a tournament, she immediately took interest.

She, along with Vance, travel to Koroll and become the first ever participants in The Conscript, entering the arena first. They have fun times in The Conscript, and the two siblings have always come out on top. When it came to the final match, though, it was Viola versus Vance this round. Out of sheer skill, Vance managed to defeat Viola, but that wasn't the final battle. Vance had to defeat the real final enemy, a monstrous creature, full of and somehow, he managed to do it. With blood from both sides splattered across the arena, Viola witnessed in horror as the monstrous final enemy lay on the ground, motionless. Vance had won. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be seen.

Viola was distraught, and Vance was never seen again. Because of this, Viola has tiredlessly tried to win the Conscript every year, but there was always something that prevented her from doing so. Her status as a veteran has earned her the nickname "Little Miss Sharpshooter'. She is vert motivated to find out where her brother went, and she thinks this year will be the day she finally wins.


  • Expert Marksman: As a result from years of training, Viola is a skilled marksman with a keen sense of sight. 
  • Gun Proficiency: Viola is skilled in using guns, especially revolvers. She is quicker at reloading that most other revolver-users and doesn't waste shots.
  • Lasso Proficiency: Viola is skilled with the lasso, and she can do various tricks with it.


  • Blinding: If you are able to blind Viola, she won't be able to see, and thus she won't be able to aim and shoot precisely.
  • Hubris: Viola can be over-confident, so sometimes she can overestimate her abilities and ignore risks, which is the perfect time to gain an upper hand in battle.

Conscript Moveset

Move Name Controls Description
Light Attack Fire Away PS4 Cross Viola fires a bullet from one of her revolvers. She takes time to reload every time she runs out. 
  • Light Dextral - Viola fires forward.
  • Light Sinistral - Viola points her guns backward to shoot.
  • Light Topper - Viola aims to the sky and fires.
  • Light Neather - Viola shoots at the ground, which can bounce off.
Heavy Attack Boot of Justice PS4 Circle Viola puts all of her force into her boot to kick the target.

  • Heavy Dextral - Viola kicks forward.
  • Heavy Sinistral - Viola kicks backward.
  • Heavy Topper - Viola knees upward.
  • Heavy Neather - Viola stomps the ground, causing a small shockwave.
Ability Ammo Switch PS4 Triangle

Viola changes her bullet type. She can only fire 10 bullets before she has to switch back to normal bullets, and there's a cooldown time of 5 seconds before she is able to do this again. This ability affects other attacks.

  • Normal: Ordinary bullets, deals ordinary damage.
  • Incendiary: Bullets that burst into flames on impact, sets targets on fire.
  • Explosive: Bullets explode on impact, heavy damage.
  • Gas: Bullets release tear gas on impact, stuns the target for a moment.
Chain  Bullet Barrage PS4 CrossPS4 CrossPS4 Cross Viola rapid fires with her revolver, which exhausts all of her ammo. This leaves her vulnerable because she has to reload.

  • Dextral Chain - Viola fires forward.
  • Sinistral Chain - Viola points her guns to the back to shoot as she turns around.
  • Topper Chain - Viola rapid-fires to the sky.
  • Neather Chain - Viola spins around to shoot at the ground.

Roundhouse Sheriff 

PS4 CirclePS4 CirclePS4 Circle Viola unleashes a few kicks (depending on the direction) followed by a roundhouse. 

  • Dextral Chain - Viola kicks forward.
  • Sinistral Chain - Viola kicks backward, then kicks as she turns around instead.
  • Topper Chain - Viola knees upward instead.
  • Neather Chain - Viola stomps the ground instead.
Chain  Back Off PS4 CrossPS4 CirclePS4 Circle Viola kicks the target back to fire some bullets at them. 
Chain Blind Backer PS4 Dpad BackPS4 CirclePS4 Cross Viola kicks whatever is behind her, then fires a few bullets.
Long Grab Roundup

PS4 L1 + PS4 Dpad

Viola throws her lasso, tightening it around her target, dragging them towards her. This grab can be preformed in every direction. Deals damage if the target is grabbed from the air.

Throws -

PS4 L1

(while grabbing)

  • Dextral Throw - Viola drags the target in a circle to throw them off forward.
  • Sinistral Throw - Viola throws the target backward with her lasso.
  • Topper Throw - Viola spins the target in a circle to launch them into the sky.
  • Neather Throw - Viola throws the target in the air to smack them down.
Grab Restrain the Criminal PS4 L1

Viola grabs the target by their hands and puts them behind their back, preventing them from moving.

  • Dextral Grab
  • Sinistral Grab - Viola does a flip to land behind the target to grab them.
  • Topper Grab - Viola catches the target by their legs then grabs them.
  • Neather Grab - Viola grabs the target from above.
Block Glad Hatter PS4 R1 Viola uses her reinforced hat to block attacks.
Anvil Mad Hatter PS4 R1 Viola attaches her lasso to her hat, which she throws down, anchoring and pulling her to the ground. Turns out her hat's pretty heavy.
Grandiose PS4 R2 + PS4 L2 Law and Order Crosshairs appear on the target, followed by a storm of random bullet types. Viola then uses her lasso to grab and repeatedly smack the target into the ground across the stage. Lastly, Viola stomps the ground with so much force that it unleashes a gigantic wave of energy. 

Team Combos

Combo Bonuses Description Compatible Contenders
Veterans ↑ Attack Contenders who have been competing since around the start; the first era. Bhyz, Cecilius, Delion, Gwyndol, INGRID, Nihonus, Olanee, Ragaddon, Tim Tim
Femme Fatale

↑ Attack ↑ Speed

Females or resembling of. Avarica, Bhyz, Eres, Gwyndol, Hyacinth, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Olanee, Udele, Xamy, Zanin, Natalie
Training Buddies

↑  Jump ↑ Speed

Contenders who frequently train with each other. Flint, Vance



  • Viola was the first character conceptualised for The Conscript.
  • Viola has similarities to the Pokémon character, Viola .
    • This was purely coincedental on the creator's part.

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