Vinny vs Sonic and Batman's Army is a fighting game created by SeventhHeaven for the Wii U. It was released on the 13th June 2016.


You are Vinny. A young teen who attends a normal middle school in Wisconsin. One day, upon arriving at school, Vinny is greeted by his teacher, Miss Rare, who tells him that he has an assignment due today. Trying to come up with an excuse, Vinny explains why he didn't do his homework. Miss Rare does not fall for his trickery and gives him an hours detention. During detention, a rock with a note on it smashes through the window and hits his head. Miss Rare rushes in and calls 911. The doctors at the hospital Vinny is being treated at dismiss him with a minor head injury, but really Vinny has went insane. After exiting the hospital, he swears vengeance on Miss Rare and the person who hit him with a rock. And anyone else who gets in his way. Later he learns all these people are in SONIC AND BATMAN'S ARMY!


Make all of Vinny's enemies pay!

Under construction

Playable Characters

  • Vinny
  • Chester (Pallette swap)

Character Battle Themes

Miss Rare: 1pxe/qy0CWt0Cpyk0 You wish you were me - Raini Rodriguez

Mister Ogonatez:

1pxe/kdemFfbS5H00 SELFIE - The Chainsmokers

Headmaster Dickee:

1pxe/WQfZeuUb2bQ0 Nelda Washington - I Love School

Old Man Dingle:

1pxe/pc0mxOXbWIU0 Cee Lo Green - F**k You

That Hyper Guy:

1pxe/uX1yKYI9NXI0 Dempagumi.Inc - でんぱーりーナイト

The Other Hyper Guy: 1pxe/EGy39OMyHzw0 Dempagumi.Inc - バリ3共和国


1pxe/VLUSxX3O7gM0 Glee - Take Me or Leave Me


1pxe/OgKJDlMrSgI0 Ubisoft - Ubisoft meets Nintendo

Under construction

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