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Full Name Vinnie the Ferret
Current Age 2 (Ferret Years)
Date of Birth May 20
Gender Female
Location Cosmocity
Current Status Alive
Class Superhero

Loyal Friend

Main Weapon(s) Her Feet
Ability/ies Save People from Bonez
First Appearance Vinnie the Super Ferret
Num Nums
Voice Actor(s)
Maria Yamamoto (2014-present)
Vinnie the Ferret is the main character in Vinnie the Super Ferret.


Vinnie was known to live with a family in Comsocity and has to save her friends from Bonez.


Vinnie is a white ferret with a brown spot under her tail and she has redish eyes.

Vinnie the Super Ferret

Vinnie made her gaming debut in the very first game.

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