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A Vine Flower.

Vine Flowers are a type of Power-Up that Mario uses. They first appeared in Super Mario 3-D Galaxy. When Mario collects this, he transforms into Vine Mario. He can then create up to 3 vines that he can swing on, similar to the Cloud Flower (the vines eventually disappear). Mario can also, when he swings on vines, knock into enemies and stun them.

In some titles, an alternate Vine Flower makes appearances instead. This Vine Flower takes on a different, more thorn-filled appearance and grant Mario different abilities, such as using the vines as a shield or can use them to stick to walls. Additionally, Mario uses vines in his spin attack, allowing him to reach further than he can normally. In order to differentiate the two Vine Flowers, this one is sometimes dubbed the Thorny Vine Flower.


Super Mario 3-D Galaxy

Vine Flowers make their first appearance in Super Mario 3-D Galaxy.


Thorny Vine Flower

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