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Nintendo Studios

Nintendo Studios Surrey is the UK branch of Nintendo, with the base name being Vineline Studios, is based in Caterham, Surrey, UK.  They develop games such as the MarioSports series, the Brittaniac series and the most famous the Revolt of Bowser are all developed in NSS. The company also helps develop the Animal Crossing series. 


NSS have done the following games.

  1. MarioSports Winter
  2. MarioSports Indoor
  3. MarioSports Summer
  4. MarioSports X
  5. Brittaniac: Pisces Island
  6. Brittaniac: Gemini Mountains
  7. Brittaniac: Capricorn Ocean
  8. Brittaniac: Pokemon, Towns of Heaven
  9. Brittaniac: Bridge of Virgo.
  10. Revolt of Bowser
  11. Revolt of Bowser: Azalea's Death
  12. Revolt of Bowser: Sly Mario Part 1
  13. Revolt of Bowser: Sly Mario Part 2
  14. Pikmin 50/50 (2017)
  15. Pokemon: Imagination X (2014)
  16. Pokemon: Imagination U (2014)
  17. Animal Crossing: Uncharted Territory (2016)
  18. Animal Crossing: Utopia (2017)
  19. Crumble of the New Kingdom (2015)
  20. The Nintendo Rumble (2014)
  21. Pokemon Racing (TBC) 
  22. XDANCE- Disney 
  23. XDANCE- NOW 86


The NSS is based in Caterham, Surrey at 47 Croydon Road.

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Nintendo Studios 3

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