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Vincent Lewis
Full Name Vincent Lewis
Date of Birth August 11th, 1914
Gender Male
Location New York City, New York
Current Status Alive (Turning Point)
Class Private Investigator
First Appearance Fantendo - Turning Point

Vincent Lewis is a private investigator and ally of Revolution. A jaded WW2 veteran, Vincent fights New York City's worst in 1949, meeting Revolution along the way.

He's a primary character in Fantendo - Turning Point. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Turning Point

Physical Appearance

Vincent Lewis is a 35-year old white man with dark hair, grizzled facial hair, and brown eyes. He has an average build, and always wears a plain tan jacket and tan fedora.


Vincent Lewis is a human being, having no powers that would be considered "super". Instead, he's a tough fighter who's fighting style disregards acrobatics for a brutal heavy style. Being a veteran of war, he's also skilled with guns.

Besides combat, Lewis is very street smart, quickly deducing things and seeing past people's facades. He's also a strategist and expert interrogator.


Vincent is an abrasive cynic who is anti-social, disillusioned, and brutal. He doesn't like other people or any company, trying to scare them away whenever he can. He'd prefer an evening with booze and cigars then any relationship.

Despite his negative qualities, he has a strong sense of justice and morals, and will help anyone in danger or in need. He claims to work purely for money, but he will save anyone that needs saving, even if he acts like a dick about it.

Vincent dislikes the police and the military, viewing them as incompetent and cruel, and often takes justice into his own hands. Despite being a man of the 40s, he served alongside various minorities and hates discrimination with every fiber of his being.