Vincent Altmanti
Current Age 49
Date of Birth March 1, 1964
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Peace Key City
Vincent Altmanti is a protagonist of The Triad, the first story of Voidverse Future. He is not the Light Persona (since he has a child to which he passed a lot of his power to), but still commands a strong Light ability.






Dyllan Altmanti

Dyllan Altmanti is Vincent's son.

Adam Cerato

Adam is a close friend of Vincent's.

Gerald Mount

Gerald is another close friend of Vincent's.

Nathaniel Mikul

Vincent works as an assisstant to the Mikul Corporation CEO, Nathaniel Mikul.



In The Seventy Four Saga, Vincent is known as Seventy Four. At the age of 16, he goes on a quest with his friends to find out where his parents have gone after they were imprisoned by Rukalor. He is the Light Persona during this time, in fact, he is the original one, as he himself awakens the light god, Clemethai.


  • The characters of Vincent Altmanti, Adam Cerato, and Gerald Mount exist as normal in Voidverse Future because, even though the stories take places in a reality where The Void never existed (arguably the true reality), they were all born before The Void ever existed.

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